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The Millennial Kingdom

Note: Questions for each lesson are at the end of this study. You will need to scroll down.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Interpreting God’s Plan

Chapter 2 - The Abrahamic Covenant

Chapter 3 - Prophesies of Israel’s Scatterings

Chapter 4 - Methods of Interpretation

Chapter 5 - The New Covenant

Chapter 6 - The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Chapter 7 - Judgments At the Second Coming

Chapter 8 - The Resurrection of The Saints

Chapter 9 - The Binding of Satan p.17

Chapter 10 - Jesus Christ’s Government

Chapter 11 - God Backs His Promises

Chapter 12 - Kingdom Age Worship

Chapter 13 - Reigning In The Kingdom Age

Chapter 14 - Blessings To Come


Lesson 1 Interpreting God’s Plan


Understanding the Bible requires a combination of (1) personal discipline, (2) objectivity, and (3) personal faith. We all know what personal discipline and personal faith means, but do we understand what objectivity mean. [Objectivity means putting your personal opinions and feelings aside in order to give an ear to a new viewpoint.] It does not mean scrapping your viewpoint, but it means giving the other viewpoint a hearing. God’s word must be given a hearing in all matters. When you learn God’s word, then match it with the way you think. If your thinking needs changing then to change is to be transformed, thought by thought.


It also requires (4) Holy Spirit filling which means to understand the Bible one must be (5) born again, and in fellowship with the Lord. [ For structured spiritual maturity to take place the believer needs a gifted called trained communicator pastor-teacher, Eph.4:12-16.]

I Cor.2:9-16 tells us that we are more than the psuchikos, the natural man. We are pneumatikois, spiritual, and so we can comprehend the pneumatika, the spiritual things of God. [As believers we have the supernatural ability to understand God which means every believer can know the entire Bible.] Every believer will not know every teaching in the entire Bible, but whatever is taught they can know, and this knowing is for edification, and every believer is commanded to learn under their pastor-teacher. We are commanded to redeem the time in Eph.5:16 and Col.4:5. This means we are to buy up opportunities to be enlightened as often as possible.

We have talked in depth concerning the ministry of teaching and communicating God’s word as the primary pastoral calling.

These lessons have a theme and the theme is centered on two primary subjects. These subjects will be taught together. They are the literal interpretation of scripture and God’splan for the ages. Understanding God’s plan for the ages is based on ones faith in the word of God.

We will begin with eternity past and move to creation. From creation we will move into God’s plan for mankind representing him here on earth. We will see the opposition Satan poses to all believers, both Old and New Testament. We will discover God’s victory is well under control. We may think the world is complete turmoil with all of the terrorism and all of the fighting in Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on, but we will see for ourselves our God works.

Obviously we will not cover the entire Bible, but we will see the unfolding drama of God’s creation, man’s fall, his redemption and God’s program for sustaining his glory on the earth until time is no more and we are in the eternal state.

We Begin

The original earth was created perfect by the spoken word of God, Gen.1:1.

God spoke into existence the creation out of non-existing material, Hebrew word, bara. God created the original earth as a perfect beautiful place of habitation for the angelic hosts, Isa.45:18; Job.38:4-7.

Lucifer had a life of privilege and honor until sin was found in him, Ezek.28:11-15. In Satan’s sin he ascended into the third heavens to garner the praise and worship of the angelic hosts, Isa.14:12-14.

After Satan’s fall the original earth was cursed, Gen.1:2, but then God restored the present day earth in six literal days, Gen.1:3-26.

God made mankind and put him on the earth to tend the earth, and have dominion over it; a task at which Satan miserably failed.

Satan, by nature, was jealous of Adam; this new creation made by the hand and breath of God. Man was made with free will to worship God and obey him.

To destroy God’s plan of being worshipped and adored by man, Satan tricked Eve and then Adam was drawn into this diabolical plan. It would have appeared to Satan that he had won, and God’s new creation, namely mankind, would not be fit to worship God. Being ashamed of his sin Adam and Eve hid in the garden when God came to fellowship one evening, Gen.3:7-8.

God saw their disobedience and then he proceeded to describe the curse they would bear for all time; a curse extended to all mankind, Gen.3:16-19.

However, God had pity on these lost souls and he provided skins taken from a sacrificed animal to cover their sin and shame, Gen.3:21. This first mention of a sacrifice to cover man’s sin demonstrated God’s grace in providing the way to be restored to a right relationship with him. It was the first lesson mankind would be taught regarding the price of salvation. Mankind cannot cover his sin, and thus he must have provided for himself a sacrifice approved by God.

A struggle ensued upon the earth between this new creation; mankind, and the original tenant of the earth, Satan. We call this the angelic conflict.

Mankind started out in the Garden of Eden in innocence, but through personal disobedience he fell into spiritual ruin and separation from God.

The prophecy found in Gen.3:15 tells of a time when the seed of the woman would bruise or crush the head of the serpent. The seed of the woman refers to Jesus Christ, and the serpent refers to the one who deceived mankind, Satan.

The spiritual battle lines between Satan and God was drawn a long time ago, and mankind ended up in the middle having to choose to serve God or self, and in essence serving the desires of Satan.

Since that time the world has been racing toward the future, and yet none of us is quite sure of the timing of God’s prophetic events. We must always consider God when looking to the future as it was God who started life and it is God to whom we return, Ecc.12:7 “ Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return unto God, who gave it.”













Lesson 2 The Abrahamic Covenant

If we are to understand the Millennial Kingdom we must understand the covenant God made with Abraham. The M.K makes no sense without this understanding.

After several thousand years of human history it was demonstrated by the failures and wickedness of men that God could not count on mankind to honor him. Mankind was disorganized and selfish, and so God set his eye upon a certain man called Abram, Gen.12:1-3, 2161 B.C.

He came out from a city called Ur in 2110, which today would be located in southern Iraq just this side of the Euphrates River. They traveled over 700 miles northward to Haran, a city at the northern tributary of the Euphrates. From there Abraham headed west and then south through Syria and Damascus. They passed through the Golan Heights which was then Bashan, and in 2086 BC they entered Canaan.

His name meant “high father”, but it was soon to mean “father of a multitude.”

Abram would be the father of a great nation. This nation would be called Israel.

Abram’s name would be changed to Abraham, and his wife Sarah would bear him a child.

[ This child would be called Isaac, and Gen.17:19 says, “ And God said, Sarah, thy wife, shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac; and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him.”]

As we know Sarah and Abraham became impatient waiting upon God’s promised seed, so they rushed ahead of the plan of God and Abraham had a descendant, a son by Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid. This son’s name as we know was Ishmael. He too would have twelve sons who would make up the Arab tribes.


However, God’s everlasting covenant was established through Abraham and then to Isaac, the offspring of Sarah, and then Isaac had Esau and Jacob. Esau just as Ishmael represented unbelief and unbelieving mankind. However, Isaac and Jacob represented belief.

[ Through Abraham’s son Isaac and grandson Jacob the covenant promise would be passed on. Eventually Jacob would be renamed by God. His name became Israel, Gen.32:28] and he would have twelve sons, Gen.35:23-26.

These twelve sons made up the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve tribes became the nation Israel, and this nation would face peril of all sorts.

As we know one of these sons, Joseph, the son hated by the others, was cast into a well, wherein he was rescued by the Midianites and sold for twenty pieces of silver to a caravan gong down into Egypt, Gen.37.

When their was a drought in the land of Canaan, ten of Jacob’s sons went down into Egypt to buy grain. Eventually the remaining son, Benjamin went down into Egypt and so did their father Jacob also known as Israel, in 1871 BC.

They were there for four hundred years until their sheer numbers alarmed the new Pharaoh of Egypt and he made them slaves, Ex.1.

As you know Moses was born, around, 1520 B.C, and after a perilous start of his early life, he became a prince in Egypt. But, one day he saw an Egyptian slave master beating a Hebrew slave. Moses killed the slave master and in fear Moses fled to the desert. There he remained and married and lived for forty years tending to his father-in-law’s sheep.

God called for Moses at the ripe old age of eighty to go back into Egypt and deliver the twelve sons of Israel and their families and bring them into the promised land.

After doing this, albeit, after many plagues and sorrows were inflicted upon Pharaoh and Egypt, Moses ended up around 1440 B.C. with this undisciplined mass of people at the foot of Mount Sinai to receive God’s commandments, Ex.19.

Israel would eventually get into the land of Canaan, the promised land, but not before forty years of unfaithfulness led to an entire generation except two, Joshua and Caleb, the rest of the original exodus group perished in the desert. Only the descendants of the first generation other than Joshua and Caleb made it. These descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would inherit the covenant promises given to their patriarch father, Abraham.


The Promised Land was called Canaan, today it is called Palestine. This promised land was chosen by God because it formed the geographical bridge between the ancient centers of civilization. This would be the place where God would prove their devotion to him. Egypt in the south would have to go through Canaan to go north. The Assyrians, Babylonians and Greeks would criss-cross Canaan to do business and trade. Armies would move through this piece of land to fight other armies and of course Israel was always caught in the middle.[ The advantage is that Israel had the benefit of taking the best ideas and creative works of those passing through and then adopt them for their own blessings. The challenge was to be God’s spokespeople in the middle of all of these pagan societies.] It was a grand opportunity to stand up for the Lord, and see the Lord’s deliverance, but all to often the opportunities were overshadowed by greed, idolatry and power struggles.

God never intended for his people to isolate themselves from the world, but to be a light where there is darkness. Israel could not isolate herself from the rest of the world like other nations could. They were always in the middle of all that was going on, and they couldn’t avoid it. God intended it to be this way. For God to stand out front and be recognized he sets forth his saints in the dark cosmic world . We are not chosen to sit silently in the corners of the earth. We have not been called to cower at the thunderclaps of unbeliever and the roaring of the lion who seeks to devour us.

Believers today must not isolate themselves and hide from society, but be active and speak up as ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

The prophetic plan of God is to demonstrate his redemptive power through those who believe his Word, and to do such from the beginning to the end of time. The plan of Satan in the cosmic system is to disrupt God’s plan and to keep God’s children in the dark through spiritual ignorance. Satan’s plan is to distract God’s people from receiving, retaining and recalling Bible doctrine. He does this through intimidation. [To intimidate is to discourage others from living as they should through threats of violence and scare tactics.]

This intimidation is masterfully orchestrated through powers and principalities via philosophies and religion and the traditions of men. Through these philosophies and religions wars are staged against the righteous, and free will is stolen by those who seek lordship over the world. God does not want you and I to be afraid of anything or anyone.

God will overcome all adversity through his faithful remnant and at the end of time no jot nor tittle will be unfulfilled, Matt.5:17-18. Stand still and watch the deliverance of the Lord.




Lesson 3 Prophesies of Israel’s Scattering and Restoration


The everlasting covenant made to Abraham was threefold. Gen.12:2-3

1. Abraham and his seed, both physical and spiritual, would prosper as a great nation forever. The spiritual seed is any one, Jew or Gentile who believes in God’s righteousness seen in Christ, Rom.4:13-25. This is what starts a client nation. A client nation is proof of God’s promise to Abraham. No nation hostile to the Jews becomes a client nation, nor remains a client nation.

2. Abraham’s people, the Jews, would possess a specified piece of land, forever, Gen.15:18

3. Other nations [ Gentile nations, who showed favor to Abraham’s descendants of promise , i.e. the Jewish people, would be blessed by God. Those who brought sorrow and suffering to the Jewish people would be cursed by God.

Conclusion to this promise is : If America wants God’s cursing and the withdrawal of his favor then let America turn her back on the Jewish people. It is not the Jewish people we directly submit to in this regard, it is God’s word America needs to submit to. Their is a growing trend of anti-Semitism. The term Semitic comes from the Hebrew name Shemite, which is anyone descending from Shem, Noah’s oldest son. Jesus Christ came through the Jewish people of which Mary was of the lineage of Shem.

God loves these people in spite of their failures and so must we, because of God.

See Hagee’s book, “Jerusalem Countdown”, p 77-80.


Remember, Ishmael was not a descendant of promise. That promise came by Sarah, Abraham’s wife, not Hagar, Sarah’s maid.

The covenant was also an unconditional covenant. God would see that this promise would come to pass.

As far as the first provision goes Israel has never been the great nation God plans for her to be, this is still future. Paul says in Rom.11:7 that Israel has not obtained that which she seeks for. What she seeks it yet future.

Why has Israel not obtained that glory which it seeks?

1. Rom.10:3 they have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.

2. Rom.10:16 they have not obeyed the gospel

3. Rom.10:21 they have been a disobedient and contrary people, God extends his grace through Jesus Christ.

4. Rom.11:3 they have killed the prophets

5. Rom.11:20 for unbelief they were broken off.

Since she rejected Jesus Christ her Messiah she has had the eyes of spiritual slumber as Paul speaks of in Rom.11:8.

Rom.9:27-33 says Israel stumbled over the stumbling stone due to unbelief. She had a zeal for God but not according to spiritual knowledge and thus she would not submit to the righteousness of God, a righteousness revealed through God’s Son, Rom.1:16-17.

Rom.11:26 speaks of the day when Jesus Christ, the Deliverer, will save a remnant of the twelve tribes and out of them will come great salvation, Rev.7.

This remnant salvation will occur during the tribulation period, and these saved Jews will make up the remnant that will be the seedbed of Israel for 1,000 years.


2. The everlasting possession of a specified land. [The Palestinian Covenant ]

As we have said Abraham traveled to Canaan from the land of Ur on the Euphrates. He claimed the land and built an alter to the Lord at Bethel. However, it was also prophesied that three times the Jewish people would be uprooted from their promised land and that they would eventually return.

1. First as seen in Gen.15:13-14 that Israel would be afflicted in another land for around four hundred years, but that she would come out of that land with great wealth. This was of course Egypt. 1871 B.C to 1441 B.C exactly 430 years, Ex.12:40 read.

2. Secondly in Jer.25:11-12. This was the second captivity and bondage of Israel as a nation. Seventy years of captivity was prophesied. Israel would be in Babylonian captivity 70 years due to her idolatry and unfaithfulness to God.

They started going into this captivity of seventy years around 605 B.C during the first deportation during Jehoiakim’s reign. This is the year that is known as the beginning of the “Times of the Gentiles,’ and the Times of the Gentiles will not end until the end of the tribulation period, Lk.21:24.

A second group was deported in 597 B.C. during Jehoichin’s reign, and under Zedekiah’s reign in 586 B.C the last Jews were deported out of Canaan.

They stayed in Babylonian captivity until Cyrus the Great allowed Ezra to return to rebuild the Temple. Ezra 1:1-3 read. The Lord stirred the king’s heart to allow a group of exiled Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple in 535 B.C. This was seventy years.

3. The third is seen in Deut.28:62-68 where the Jews are prophesied to be scattered all over the earth due to their unbelief. This scattering was finalized in 70 A.D. And yet Deut.30:1-8 prophesies of Israel’s return and restoration to her promised land.

This prophesied final regathering may now be in motion. The tribulation period will initially be tolerant of the Jews and Israel and many will return then. But, many are returning now and this may be a tell tale sign of our Lord’s rapture of the church.


















Lesson 4 Method’s of Interpretation

Tonight I am going to challenge you to think like a theologian.

You see our church is pretrib. and premillennial and you need to know the difference.

You see, one misinterpretation of the attribute of the sovereignty of God has lead many Baptist to adopt covenant theology and become amill. congregations denying the literal interpretation of the trib.period and mill. reign of Christ.

The prophecy of Ezekiel foretells of Israel’s restoration in Christ’ millennial kingdom.

Chapters 34-39 tells of Israel coming into her promised land with honor and great prosperity.

Chapter 40:1- 47:12 tells of the glorious Millennial Temple and worship in Christ’ 1,000 year reign.

Chapter 47:13- 48:35 gives in detail the division of the promised land in the Millennial kingdom.

Gen.12:7 reiterates God’s promise as initiated in Gen.12:1. The only response Abraham had to make was to leave his homeland and go to Canaan which he did, 12:6-7.

As one author says this promise is equal to the believers acceptance of God’s command to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation and eternal life.

The eternal security of the believer is then established based on the initial order to believe.

Abraham has already done all that was asked of him to make this covenant permanent.

Some believe, i.e. [ amillennialist] that since Israel failed God that she lost the possession and promises of God given to Abraham, but this does not fit the agreement God made with Abraham, and God cannot brake his word.

Regarding the land as an everlasting possession, we call this the Palestinian covenant.

This Covenant Was Sealed by a Ritual

From Gen.15:7-21 God instructs Abraham to make sacrifices to seal the promise. This is to assure Abraham that God would keep his word, and Abraham knew God could not lie.

From Gen.15:17 the smoking furnace represented the trials and suffering while in captivity in Egypt, and the burning lamp signified the watch care and presence of the Lord during their captivity.

P/D : This sealed the covenant. The ritual confirmed to Abraham that regardless of Israel’s obstinance through the centuries God would bring to pass his promises.

What I am trying to establish here is that Christ’ 1,000 year reign on the earth is based upon God’s covenant promises with Israel which was made four thousands years ago in 2110 B.C.

What teaching we may take for granted concerning the [rapture of the church,] [the tribulation period,] the [second coming of Christ to rule on the earth for 1,000 years,] most folks, including many Christians have no concept.

“The amillennialist most general character is that of (1) denial of a literal reign of Christ upon the earth. (2) Satan is conceived as being bound at Christ first advent. (3) That the present age now between the birth and second coming of Christ is presently being lived out now either on earth or in heaven. (4) That time will end and eternity will start at the second coming of Christ.” p.6 Walvoord

Obviously the length of time is not taken literally, nor the characteristics spoken of in the Bible concerning this reign is taken literally.

As a matter of fact a large portion of the Bible is not taken literally. The Roman Catholic Church adopted this viewpoint of theology during its inception back in the third century. It was the viewpoint of Augustine and Origen.

They are taught or are lead to believe one of two things in Amill. theology.

A. A Figurative Viewpoint of an Amill. These are the ecumenical churches, defined as the religious lost who sponsor church unity across the religions of the world.

1. That the second coming of Christ is a perpetual event , which means each time their is an advance in the spiritual life of the church it represents Christ returning to do his work in the lives of God’s people.

Some teach that Christ’ millennial reign is spiritualized, that is, it is not a physical event. That the mill. kingdom takes place in heaven thus subsequently a large portion of the Bible is not applicable to an act to take place here on earth. So they dismisses all of the covenants God made to Israel, the rapture of the church, and the trib. period. They can say they believe the Bible, but they interpret much of it as figurative and not literal.

Figurative speech means what is said is only represent of something, but it is not literal. It can be misapplied to scripture to make things God says is real and make them what you want them to be. This takes what the Holy Spirit inspired that teaching to say to be whatever you want it to say.

B. A Literal Viewpoint of an Amill. These are the evangelical churches. Mostly saved.

1. That Christ will return and when he does everyone will be resurrected, some to heaven and some to hell, and then the eternal state begins, but no 1,000 year reign of Christ.

In what is known as Reformed Theology, the viewpoint of most Calvinists theologians, it is believed most all tribulation teachings from Rev.6-19 events prophesied have already occurred. This is how they mingle the church and Israel together so well. They symbolize much unfulfilled prophetic scripture concerning Israel and relate these prophesies to events already past, such as the fall of Jerusalem and the persecutions of the early church.

You may say as others said after World Wars I and II what difference does it make which viewpoint Christians take just so long as we have faith in God? Why are these differences in interpretation of the Bible so important? Lets look at this.

1. Is biblical inspiration important to you?

2. Is accuracy of a scriptural text important to you?

3. Is what lies ahead important to you?

Then it does matter how you interpret the Bible. If you are to interpret the Bible mostly from a figurative viewpoint then how does your interpretation affect your life now and in the future? If you interpret the Bible from a literal viewpoint how then does it affect your life now and in the future? These two opposite interpretations make all the differences as to your personal take on life and death and the life hereafter. How much of what God says really matters to you or is relevant to your life now and in the future?

Promises given in the Bible by God demonstrate his divine purposes and mankind’s place in those purposes. If we do not interpret his promises as real, then explain to me how we can interpret God as real? God’s promises to Israel as well as to the Church give to us his plan in written form. We depend on God to be faithful to his word above anything else in this universe. Do we believe what we say we believe, or do we want to believe in what we say we believe? Is our walk by faith or is it by sight.




Lesson 5 The New Covenant

Some have supposed that since the world is in such a bad state of affairs and we keep repeating our past mistakes that Christ will never come. That we must clean up our planet and we must reform our criminals and we must learn to tolerate all viewpoints if we expect God to redeem us. This has lead to much of our liberal theology. The Bible says that religion turns the lost man into more the child of hell than he was before he was religious because now he thinks he is acceptable to God by way of his good deeds, and his religious rituals and practices. He thinks he may go to heaven, when he actually is still going to hell, Matt.23:15. See II Cor.11:14-15.

Except for those who fall into the category of safe such as little children and those who die before reaching the age of accountability and the mentally handicapped; apart from regeneration mankind goes to hell, Titus 3:15.

Many have given up hope in the Bible because things have not transpired as they thought. The world has not gotten better. It has gotten worse. Now religion and humanism seeks to salvage humanity from self-destruction, whereas Christianity seeks to rescue passengers on earth’s sinking ship.

We live in a time in human history when we need a resurgence of believers who want accurate biblical teaching, and this will require a literal viewpoint interpretation of the Bible. And this interpretation demands taking God’s word at face value. Then identifying the subjects of your textual study. Obviously God as seen in the scriptures is not always talking to everybody at the same time. Sometimes what God says is to an individual or a group of individuals, and so on. This is why the Apostle Paul said we as pastors are to “Study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly, dividing the word of truth,” II Tim.2:15. He must diligently work at his craft of precisely and honestly working in the scriptures. He does not dare want to go stand before the Lord having shelved his Greek text and word studies for a bowl of the world’s porridge of entertainment and cream puff sermons, see Acts 20:27-28.

We have been talking about God’s plans to a group of individuals which the Bible calls Israel. “His covenant to Abraham is a promise he will make good on in spite of human failure ” p.153 Walvoord.

We know Israel still awaits the day when she will be the head of the nations, and not the tail. That she will be respected and her Messiah - King Jesus Christ, will rule in her city Jerusalem. Israel has been disobedient and unbelieving down through the centuries and she has not laid claim to her King, and she has not seen a fruitful, peaceful land. All Israel has seen so far since her dispersion in 70 AD is sorrow and suffering and bondage, and fighting. In 1948 Israel established and claimed her independence as a nation. This is not the fulfilling of the prophesy of Deut.30:1-8 foretelling of her restoration after her third dispersion, Deut.28:62-68.

She has a piece of land, but it is not nearly all that she has been promised. Today the land is largely populated by the descendants of Ishmael, the Arabs. In 1948 one half of the population was Arab and it was known and still is known as Palestine territory, and even earlier known as Canaan. However, this still does not negate God’s promises. All through the Old Testament prophets tell of a time when she will shine as God always intended. And She will. Just because Israel has not repented yet and turned to her Messiah doesn’t mean she is not going to.

The New Covenant

The prophesies say Israel will return to God according to God’s provision in the New Covenant, which is his covenant of grace found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Herein is where we start to understand the interpretation of the 4th-19th chapters of the book of Revelation. The outworking of God’s plans are for the purposes of bringing his covenants to pass, and in particular the New Covenant God made with Israel.

Heb.8:7-13; Jer.31:31-40 gives the New Covenant texts:

Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ God provides forgiveness to Israel for her sin. By faith in Jesus Christ she finds her spiritual and earthly restoration. This is the most important covenant, because without Christ sacrifice on the cross they could never be blessed by God as can any one else of any other age.

Through much suffering Israel will begin to see that God’s word opens the door to his will. Through enforced humility they will come to see that God still loves them, but his love was shown at the cross, and it is here that they too must turn for their salvation. God does not have a separate salvation for Israel than for the rest of the world.

Heb.8:12 read-- The Jews must recognize Christ in salvation to partake of the promises of the new covenant. The new covenant is experienced by believers in the church age wherein when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior we inherit eternal life because the one who shed his blood is eternal and had eternal life. When we enter into covenant with Christ we enter into his eternal life. I Cor.11:25; Heb.12:24. He is the mediator of the new covenant.

Israel has yet to experience this on a national level. When she does God will put his laws, not in stone tablets, but he will put his laws into their hearts. And the spiritual knowledge of God will flourish through the entire land, Jer.31:33-34.

Jer.31:34 says at the end of this verse that... “ I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”

Jer.31:31-40 describes indisputably the establishment and majesty of Christ’ Kingdom, and Israel’s’ belief and glory in those days.

The Lord tells them King David will be a prince among them, Ezek.34:23-24.

That Israel will be at peace with all the nations during Christ’ 1,000 year reign, Ezek.34:28.

Obviously this has not come to pass. It is still future. After the second coming of Christ these covenants and promises will come to pass.















Lesson 6 The Second Coming of Jesus Christ


The second coming of Christ is the most important aspect of the Millennial Kingdom. Without Christ there is no kingdom age. Deut.30:3b read..

Isa.9:6-7 though used a lot at Christmas pageants is actually a prophesy of Christ’s millennial rule.

Dan.7:13-14 foretells of Christ return to earth to reign in his glorious kingdom.

Zech.14:3-11 tells of Christ’s return to over throw the wicked who are trying to conquer Jerusalem.

There are approximately twenty major references in the New Testament which detail the second coming of Christ.

His return is personal, Acts 1:11

His return is bodily, Zech.14:4

His return is visible, Matt.24:27; Acts 1:11; Rev.1:7; Rev.19:11-12

His return is to a specific geographical place , Zech.14:1-4, Rev.19:11-21

He is accompanied by the holy angels and his saints, Matt.25:31

He is returning to judge the people of the earth, Matt.19:28; Matt.24:29-25:46; Jude 15

He returns to judge Satan and the fallen angels, Rev.20:1-3; Heb.10:12-13; I Pet.3:22

He returns to rescue the tribulation saints still alive, Matt.24:22; Rom.11:26-27

He brings the greatest spiritual revival ever known to mankind, Rom.11:26-27; Jer.31:33-34

He re-establishes the Davidic kingdom over Israel, Ezek.37:24-25


Deut.30:3 read.

1. The captivity of Deut.30:3 refers to Israel’s prophetic third scattering as told in Deut.28:63-66. The Lord will return and gather Israel from all over the globe.

2. He will bring together her people to wholly possess her land, v.5

3. He will bring spiritual revival to all Israel, v.6

4. He will judge all of Israel’s enemies, v.7

5. He will bring great personal and national prosperity to Israel, v.9

Ps.2:1-9 read

1. God sees the rise of world wide hatred against Israel, v.1-3

2. God promises the destruction of all her enemies, v.4-5

3. God will set his Son in Jerusalem as Israel’s king, v. 6-7

4. God will put all nations under the reign of Jesus Christ, v. 8-9

Ps.24: 1-10

This Psalm foretells of Christ’s coming to reign in his kingdom.

1. Man thinks he can rule the earth forever, but man forgets, the earth is the Lord’s, v1-2

2. To ascend into the hill means to rule the earth, v 3

3. The holy place is the millennial temple where Christ will be worshipped, v.3, cf. Ps.2:6

4. Only the Lord qualifies as the one with clean hands, and a pure heart, sinless, v.4

5. Believers in the trib. who receive Jesus Christ receive his imputed +R, v.5-6

6. The second coming of Jesus Christ, coming to reign and encourage his people, v.7-10

Psalm 72 - This Psalm tells of the salvation and compassion of our Lord in his reign after his second coming. It is a beautiful Psalm. It is a Psalm lifting up the +R of our Lord and his compassion on his people. It is a Psalm depicting the universal worship of Christ, v.11.



David did not write these prophetic Psalms just to console the souls of anxious, bereaved men and women. These Psalms prophesy of our Lord’s second coming and return.

The references to the Lord coming to bring his wrath and to judge the wicked is prophetic of the battle of Armageddon at the end of the tribulation period, so when you read the Psalms be aware of references to our Lord coming to bring judgment and set that which is crooked straight.

From these references it is obvious Christ second coming is posttribulational, it is personal, it is bodily, it is visible, it is glorious, it has a geographical location, he is accompanied by angels and the saints, he comes to judge the earth, to deliver the saints, to bring spiritual revival to Israel, and he comes to establish his kingdom.


































Lesson 7

Our last study focused on the second coming of Jesus Christ. In rightly dividing the truth as Paul exclaims in II Tim.2:15 we must always examine a passage in light of its historical context and its dispensational fix, that is, where does the passage fit in the plan of God. Some folks see very little if any organization to the writings of scripture, and their interpretations are as broad as their imaginations.

No where is this demonstrated more than when interpreting the second coming of Christ and the events surrounding his return. We saw last week that his return is post-tribulational, personal, bodily, visible, geographical, and accompanied by saints and angels.

One of the main events surrounding Christ’s second coming is his (1) judgments of those alive at his second coming, and then his (2) judgments of resurrected Old Testament saints and tribulation martyrs.

His judgments of those alive at his second coming.

1. Of his judgments, he judges the soul condition of mankind. This is not a judgment of rewards or of receiving a glorified body. For these folks this comes only after they die or should they live the 1,000 years then they would be changed in body as quickly as saints who are alive at the rapture of the church.

A. The living saved go into the New Mill. Kingdom, Matt.25:33-40.

These are the living who survived the tribulation period. They are a part of the harvest of souls who accepted the message of the 144,000 witnesses of Rev.7. Some qualify for the Abrahamic Covenant blessings as they are of the stock of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Ezek.20:33-38 read

All others, known in Rev.7:9 as nations, kindred, and peoples and tongues will live in their respective lands under the laws of divine establishment, except for one change, under Jesus Christ universal rule, true internationalism will be bonafide, Zech.14:9 “ And the Lord shall be king over all the earth; in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name is one.”

Even though Rev.7:9 refers primarily in context to martyrs from those nations, that is, believers who were killed because of their witness, certainly their will be saved people from those nations who will not die, though their numbers are questionable.

The Criteria for blessings for any believer in the Millennial Kingdom.

Their blessings will be largely in part due to two principles. (1) They are all believers, and receive positional blessings, (2) and secondly they are supportive of Jesus Christ policies, and this leads to long term national favor with Jesus Christ, Ps.2:8 “Ask of me, and I will give thee the nations for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.”

Isa.11:1-10 read..

Isa.11:10 .. “ to him shall the nations seek, and his rest shall be glorious.”

Not only will there be Gentiles saved in the tribulation period who go into the millennial kingdom age, but their off spring during those thousand years will seek Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as well. Salvation in the millennial kingdom age will still require the same personal faith in Jesus Christ as mankind’s sin bearer.

There will eventually be unbelievers in the mill. kingdom age born as offspring of those physically living saints who come out of the trib. as believers. They will be taught one message of salvation. There will only be one Gospel taught and it will be taught correctly.

The message will be completely understood world wide, Isa.11:9, gnonai,[ aor.a.infin.] Septuagint from ginosko, complete knowledge. Language barriers between people will be non-existent.

Since Satan is the father of religion, operation fig leaf ; there will be no religion and denominational squabbles during the 1,000 years as the author of religion, Satan, will be bound in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years, Rev.20:1-3.

Thus during the kingdom age, worship of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father will be as no age has ever witnessed before, Ezek.40:1-47:12. This will be covered later.



B. The living lost are judged and cast into hades, Matt.25:41-46

v.25:41 Christ will say, depart from me. This is a [pr.a.imp.] verb and means to cease to be, from the root word, por/eu/o/mai. As the lost are being judged they are being transported to Hades. Their life is snuffed out of them at Christ very pronouncement of “depart from me.” They do not stay around. They may have survived the terrible tribulation period, but they will not survive God’s judgment. They are either survivors who initially were condemned as soon as the church was raptured because they had rejected either or both God awareness and or Gospel hearing, II Thess.2:10-12, or..

... they were people, Jew and Gentile who had an opportunity to be saved during the tribulation period, but they refused to believe.

Not rejecting the Gospel before the rapture and going into the tribulation with the opportunity to believe is no guarantee they will believe.


v.46 Tells of their final GWT judgment for he says in the [ fut.a.i.] of ap/er/chomai, these shall, fut. tense, these shall go away to everlasting punishment, and the time for final sentencing for all the lost to their everlasting punishment is at the end of the millennial kingdom age, Rev.20:11-15.

The lost are all sentenced at one time at the GWT. During time, including the tribulation period and the millennial kingdom the lost are gathered in Hades awaiting final banishment from God in the lake of fire. This is commonly known as the second death, Rev.20:6a, 14.















Lesson 8 Second Coming Judgments Continued

I Cor.15:12-23

The resurrection and judgment of Old Testament saints and tribulation martyrs.


The resurrection and the judgments of believers in any era, whether they are born in the old or New Testament, or the age to come is a promise from God. If God does not keep this promise there is no God. We believe differently. We believe the promise of the bodily resurrection and the swift and immediate journey of the soul and human spirit into the presence of God at the moment of death. Death is not the end of life; it is only the passing from the physical world into the spiritual world. Death is the immortal soul leaving the mortal body, Ecc.12:7; I Cor,15:53-55; II Cor.5:8; Phil.1:23.

The Greek word for immortal is athanasia, a / qanasia, death with the alpha prefix means deathless. Mortal, thnetos, qnhtoV, means death and is applied to the body, Rom.6:12.

Your human soul remains conscious, that is awake and aware to your surroundings and conditions, after you leave your body. You will not need this sin cursed carbon based life form in the next life. God made our bodies to survive on this planet. If God had wanted to he could have made our bodies to survive on any planet. But he chose earth, the friendly environment of the first fallen creature, Satan. He put us right smack dab in the middle of powers and principalities and he offers to each person salvation, and to those who accept he offers his divine provisions to do battle against these powers. He offers divine assets for the perception of his word and he challenges us to obedience in accomplishing his will.

These assets include the indwelling Holy Spirit, the complimentary human spirit for fellowship with God; Bible doctrine as divine viewpoint to see things God’s way, a pastor teacher to communicate Bible doctrine, and the local church as the classroom of the saints for the spiritual education and edification of saints for the work of the body of Christ.

This is why Bible doctrine is so important to the believer so that we can be a proper witness of the Gospel and the witness of the integrity of God to everyone as we hold up faithfully with honor and integrity during our trials and testings in the Christian life. Witnessing is what is not necessarily what we do, it is who we are. We soldier now, we will celebrate later. Too many believers today just want the celebrations.

When he is finished with his will for our lives he will snatch our soul and human spirit out of our body and off to heaven we will go.


1. In keeping with rightly dividing the word of God we must keep the resurrections of the saved in their proper order.

A. Jesus Christ, I Cor.15:20 The first to be raised in a resurrection body. His is the prototype, I Jn.3:2.


B. All members of the body of Christ, the saved of the church age, ICor.15:51-54;

I Thess.4:13-17. No one gets a resurrection body until the church is raptured to heaven.

Paul and Peter, Mary the mother of Jesus Christ and so on are waiting for the rapture when the living church age saints will be gathered together to meet the Lord in the clouds.


C. Old Testament saints, who are not a part of the body of Christ, have to wait for the tribulation martyrs before they get their resurrection bodies, as the trib. martyrs make up the consummation, the end of the age when Israel is under the foot of the Gentiles, Dan.12:2, 11-13; Isa.26:19-21,; I Cor.15:23.

Israel only comes out from being under the siege and domination of the Gentile nations when she accepts her Messiah in his second coming at the end of the trib. and just prior to setting up his millennial kingdom on earth.


D. Millennial Age saints who are deceased will be resurrected and living Mill. saints who are alive will be translated, or changed in a moment similar as raptured church age saints are prior to the tribulation period.

These are the four companies of redeemed saints who receive resurrected, glorified bodies. These bodies are visible, spiritual, and tangible as is the prototype body of our Lord Jesus Christ, I Jn.3:2; Lk.24:30-31.

v. 30 In Jesus Christ resurrected glorified body he sat eating with them, just as we all will do at the Great Supper at the inaugural celebration of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, Lk.14:15-24 The parable and in Rev.19:9. the prophesy.

v.31 Jesus Christ vanished out of their sight. Greek word for vanish is aphantos, afantoV,

and means to become invisible.

Back to the resurrected believer.

All believers are raised at different times, but for the same purpose and that is to glorify God.

























Lesson 9

The next judgment at Jesus Christ second coming is upon Satan.

Rev.20:1-3 Satan is literally bound for the specific time period of a thousand years.

Some say Satan is already bound, but the Apostle Paul directly says Satan tempts men and women to be unfaithful in marriage as noted in I Cor.7:5. It is said Satan ,who transforms himself into a minister of light motivates false teachers to advertise as ministers of light to deceive people, II Cor.11:13-15. He tries to make people feel good about themselves.

He tries to play down the holiness of God, and to lift up the greatness of mankind.

He uses flattery to collaborate with our pride so as to inflate our feeling of self worth and lift up our alleged human dignity. The more praise we get, the more we want.

This is Satan’s attempt to substitute grace with good works. Good works have their place among mankind, but good works will never replace the cross of Jesus Christ and his finished work. Many religious institutions have performed great humanitarian deeds to help people in need. And these institutions have received thunderous applause for their works. Many times these deeds are not done for the glory of God. Quite the opposite is often surmised that if God were a loving God he would not have let this disaster strike those poor folks. When these feelings arise in people they quite often feel they are as righteous as God , and they do not need the Savior, Jesus Christ; that their good works rank right up there with the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Cain tried his own method to gain God’s approval because he disapproved of God’s method of grace, a method whereby an animal was to be sacrificed showing them they could not cover their own sins by their efforts. Cain’s method of gaining God’s acceptance was not acceptable. His was a method of good works demonstrated by bringing his own vegetables from his garden, the works of his hands and his labor.

Good works will never pay for your salvation, and as a Christian good works will never be accepted as a substitute for confession of sin. Activity does not mean we are spiritual. Giving more never makes us more spiritual, nor can it restore one to fellowship. Being nicer to people as a cover up for being guilty of sin never restores us to fellowship. Getting people to see things our way doesn’t make us more spiritual.

Jesus Christ sacrifice on the cross satisfied the just demand God requires for payment of the sins of fallen mankind. Salvation requires the shedding of innocent blood, and no man is innocent. Satan says otherwise, and he further more declares God is unjust in sending anyone to Hell who does not believe on Jesus Christ for salvation. Satan declares mankind justified through his good works, i.e., human good; human righteousness.

Satan is the first one to say we are narrow minded and unloving. He will declare that many roads lead to eternal life, and so over the centuries he has inspired men and women. He has given them ideas, philosophies and so on in which they conjure up religions to soothe the souls of people who are going to hell.

Titus 3:5 “ Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration [ born again ], and the renewing of the Holy Spirit.”

We came into this world with nothing in our hands. We come to the cross with nothing in our hands, and we go to our eternal home with nothing in our hands. In and of ourselves we have nothing of value to offer God for salvation, nor after salvation.

From II Thess.2:8-9 Paul says that Satan will empower the Antichrist with power to work wonders to fool the people in the tribulation period.

So it is not only scripturally obvious Satan is still seeking to devour the saints of God, but it is also universally obvious that Satan is still loose as religion, drug addiction and cultic activities abound all over the earth. During Jesus Christ one thousand year reign Satan and his demonic hordes will be bound. Also note, fallen angels are no where said to be sent to the place of departed lost souls now that is to Hades. They go either to the abyss or the lake of fire.

The final judgment of Satan and his host of fallen angels takes place at the end of the Millennial reign of Christ, Rev.20:7-10.

The judgment of the Antichrist and the false prophet.

At the second coming of Jesus Christ he will send the beast and the false prophet directly to the lake of fire, Rev.19:20; 20:10.

The word beast as used of Satan is qhrion, in Rev.11:7, and this time it symbolically represents Satan coming up out of the bottomless pit during the middle of the tribulation period.



Rev.13:1 speaks of the beast who will rise up out of the sea of humanity, this is the Antichrist, the false Christ , and the beast who will rise up out of the earth otherwise known as the false prophet, Rev.13:11 these two will be cast into the lake of fire at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Between Satan, the Antichrist and the false prophet these wicked three make up the unholy trinity as they seek to imitate the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They are the antifather, the antichrist and the antispirit.

This concludes the area of the judgments at the second coming of Christ.





















Lesson 10

Jesus Christ Government in the Millennial Kingdom


1. Ps.2:6-8; Dan.7:14; Zech.14:9, [Rev.19:16 King of Kings and Lord of Lords]

His government will be universal, not confined to Israel. Jesus Christ will be the One world ruler in his theocratic kingdom. A theocracy is a God ruled state with God’s policies and oversight. His policies are found in his spoken word, not man’s interpretation. He will not need a spin doctor to make his message acceptable and agreeable with everyone. Jesus Christ is not nor will ever be a politician. He will say what he thinks, as he has always done, and he will never say a thing that he does not mean to carry out whether in cursing or blessing.

God never willed that Israel should be under the rulership of a man, but the people demanded it when Samuel was their judge, I Sam.8, read.

In Israel’s rebellion against God she became like the other nations, and eventually she became the tail end of the nations. Only when Jesus Christ rules in his millennial kingdom will she be the head of the nations.

2. Isa.11:4; 42:4; Jer.23:3-6; Dan.2:44-45 His word is law for all people. Those who openly sin will be judged swiftly and severely. Righteousness and justice will rule. This will put the lawyers out of business, and because this kingdom will be ruled righteously it will be ruled fairly. The punishment will fit the crime.

3. Isa.2:2-3; Zech.14:4; His government headquarters will be in Jerusalem, and he will not share his kingdom and worship with anyone. Ex.20:3 “ Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Today liberals would say this Jesus Christ ,who will not share his throne and kingdom with other religious leaders, is narrow minded, but again they will be in hades due to their unbelief.

4. Isa.2:4 There will be no wars among any nations for 1,000 years.

This passage has been so misapplied today by the anti-authority peace nicks and bleeding hearts who do not understand the sinful nature of mankind. They do not want to acknowledge that diplomacy has to have force behind it if men are to respect the freedom and property of others. No nation can survive if it is not willing to kill the enemy of its freedom. Pacifist oppose war and military preparedness, and they always propose the settlement of a dispute by a third party, i.e. the United Nations or some other recognized international body.

They call those who will fight to protect their individual or national interest, fascist. To the liberal the Jesus Christ who comes as Lord of lords, and King of kings; to them Jesus Christ would be a fascist. They prefer the effeminate characterization of Christ of turning the other cheek, or the words he spoke to Peter when he said “ those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” Both text taken out of context to suit their passive approach to dealing with the evils and sins of the world.

Our Lord never supported a get even with everybody mentality when we are slighted or treated unjustly by our neighbor, this is where he said “vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay”, nor did he preach civil disobedience and lawlessness. This is why he ordained governmental powers to watch and protect its citizens through a police force or a military force, Rom.13:1-7. For freedom to exist we must have ordained authority.

The only biblical exception found to support civil disobedience is when believers are not allowed to preach the Gospel, or they are called to support immoral behavior and ungodly practices, Acts.5:29.



There are religious groups today who are well thought of because they will not fight for this country nor do they believe in capital punishment. They want the benefits of freedom which is paid for by the lives of men, but they do not want the responsibilities of serving themselves. They see passiveness as strength because they do not understand God’s take on the ordination of human government which was designed to protect men from the sinful desires of other men. Their practices are based on misapplication of scriptures. They mean well, however, many well meaning people have missed out on God’s blessings because they have failed to take responsibility for protecting their homes, their communities and their nation.

For many their theology is founded in passages belonging to Jesus Christ’s future millennial reign. This is why believers need a pastor-teacher who is trained in contextual analysis and is also dedicated in heart and mind to serving God first before serving mankind.. So much confusion exist today because so many who pronounce the name of God in their sermons and words do not know the Bible well enough to teach it. When we do not know the Bible, we do not know God. He has placed his authority upon this Book, and he stakes his reputation on it, Ps.138:2.


5. The subjects of the kingdom will be those believers who survive the tribulation period, both those of Israel and those of the nations. Those who are observant and obedient to Christ’s rule will be blessed, and those who are openly rebellious will be put to death, Zech.14:16-19; Isa.66:24.

6. Isa.49:22-23; 61:5-9 The nations will be overshadowed by the prominence of Israel. Deut.28:13,44 Moses prophesied Israel would no longer be the tail of the nations, but the head nation in Jesus Christ millennial kingdom.


















Lesson 11 Promises Backed by God’s Integrity


In these chapters we see many promises. When God makes a promise he always keeps it. God never has and never will lie. He cannot. Some of God’s promises seem out of this world, but behind everyone of God’s promises stands his absolute integrity. He stands behind his word, and whether we trust him or not he will keep his word Ps.138:2 “ I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving-kindness [ God’s motivation ], and for thy truth; for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”

God in being God owes it to his own character to keep his word.

This is why diligent study of God’s word is our top priority as believers. God stakes his reputation upon his written word. God wants us to trust him. Only when we accept the testimony he gives to us in his word do we come to love and trust him as well. Only when we are faithful to his word do we show our faithfulness. Only when we are willing to sacrifice our personal desires and yield to his personal desires for our lives do we position ourselves to receive his personal blessings, Prov.3:5-6.

This is what John the Baptist said regarding his relationship with Jesus Christ, “ He must increase, I must decrease.” Jn.3:30. Blessings come with positive volition.

When Israel is turned back to God during the tribulation period through positive volition to the Gospel then she will receive God’s promised blessings.

Ezek.34-39 The Promise of Restoration

Chapter 34

1. 34: 11-22 God promises to seek out and restore the sheep of his pasture, and to destroy their enemies, 34:27.

2. Once they are restored the Lord will set them under King David, v.23, and he will look out for them, unlike the shepherds who forsook those years ago in Israel.

3. The New Covenant prophesied in v.25 will guarantee their eternal blessings as they will have been secured through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Salvation has never been offered to anyone in any age other than through Jesus Christ. It has always been an offer not associated with any kind of ritual or works, but by the grace of God. The O.T people looked with anticipation to the promised Redeemer and consequently much attention was given to the sacrifices and offerings that pointed to Jesus Christ. Since the cross we look back to Christ’s finished work at Calvary. Now we partake of the Lord’s Supper as a memorial to his sacrifice for us. We have water baptism as a symbol of our identification in the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior.

4.Great physical prosperity will be restored to Israel and the earth in that day, 34:26-27.

The land is mostly desolate now, but after Christ’s second coming he will cause the earth to prosper abundantly, see 36:29-30 also.

Chapter 35 deals with the Lord’s hot displeasure with the nations that have harmed his people and in these chapters we see the wrath of the Lord openly displayed, 35:11.

Never forget God’s promise to Abraham in Gen.12:3.

Chapter 36

1. We see Israel’s mountains will blossom, 36:.8-11. As it is now the mountains are mostly barren.

2. The Spirit of God will indwell them and give them understanding of God’s statutes, v 26-27, as divine viewpoint also will blossom into untold blessings. Joel 2:28-29 predicts this indwelling will induce great emotional responses such has never been experienced. For the Holy Spirit will indwell the believer in that day, and do such while Jesus Christ is present right here on the earth working wonders no man has ever seen. One of the millennial age saints tests will be that of becoming accustomed to supernatural phenomena.

3. Great economic prosperity will come their way, and this mostly dry desert land, will become like the garden of Eden, v.34-35.

Isa.35:1-8 springs of water will flourish even in desert regions.

Isa.11:6-9, 65:25; Rom.8:19-21 animals and mankind will dwell in peace

Such predictions have not occurred in history since before fall of man in the garden of Eden.. These prophesies are yet to be fulfilled.

Chapter 37:1-14 gives the prophesy of the dry bones that stood up, a picture of God restoring life to Israel in Christ’ kingdom age. The Lord in vs.15-28 promises to unite the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the northern and southern kingdom. They will serve one God in that day.

Chapter 38

1. The Lord promises to put a hook in the jaw of Russia and draw her down to Israel, v 3-13. He does this to make an open show of his power as he destroys Russia and her allies in that day, v.14-23.

Chapter 39

1. Russia and her allies will be killed as God avenges his righteous people.

2. Seven months will be spent burying the dead in Israel alone. It will take 1 1/2 months, i.e., 45 days to clean up the valley of Megiddo in Palestine, Armageddon, Dan.12:10-13 and another 5 1/2 months to bury the rest as the burial detail goes about the land, Ezek.39:14-15.























Lesson 12

Characteristics of the Millennium

Ezek.40:1-47:12 Millennial Worship

In these chapters we see Ezekiel’s prophecy of a great temple being built, and of rituals and sacrifices being made. There has been opposition especially in these regards. And why? Because it is true that no sacrifice needs to be made now since Jesus Christ has made the ultimate sacrifice. Heb.10:1-18 read

This passage is clear in that there is no more need for sacrificing as “ an offering for sin ”.

Jesus Christ was the last sacrifice for sin. Nothing the Old Testament as well as a New Testament person could bring to God would eternally appease the holy demands God required for payment of sin. Nothing anyone could ever do could justify him or herself before God. Even dying for someone else does not pay for our sins. The payment had to be made by a spotless, completely innocent sacrifice. This is why the sacrifices had to be a spotless animal which had no blemishes. This animal depicted the spotless unblemished soul of our Savior who was sinless.

Regardless of how good our deeds are they are not acceptable as a sacrifice for our sins. The issue always comes down to “ what think ye of Christ? ”

But I repeat the context of Heb.10:1-18 which is summed up at the end of v.18. The concluding issue is; “ there is no more offering for sin.”

Worship and sacrifices in Jesus Christ millennial kingdom are not done as a sacrifice for sins, but a visual remembrance of Christ as the Savior and Redeemer of mankind.

What is our visual ritual today? We observe the Lord’s supper commemorating his death till he comes.

During the 1,000 reign of Christ on the earth the Lord’s supper; the Eucharist will not be observed as this important ritual is for the Church only. So how is the Lord lifted up to those of the physical world during the millennium? How is his work of redemption kept before the people’s eyes? Ezekiel says sacrifices will be made for all the world to see. They will see that Innocence died for their sins, and the price He paid for their sins.

As harsh as it is to see the animal sacrificed, it would never be as harsh as letting men go to an eternal damnation in the lake of fire without the offer of redemption. There will be no animal rights activist holding vigils outside the temple square. Jesus Christ’s kingdom will be a theocratic kingdom over all the earth and he will not tolerate outward dissension, that is [ differences of opinion ].

Jer.33:18; Isa.56:7 is Jesus Christ’s millennial invitation for all the people to come and worship him in a manner acceptable to him. All the people of the world are represented, both those of Israel and those out of all the nations of the world, Zech.14:16.

Jesus Christ knows who he is and he has every right to be worshipped. Here are some Christological points to consider.

Christology is the study of the life and works of Jesus Christ, and this study sees the humanity of Jesus Christ and the divinity of Jesus Christ. To not bring out points like the doctrine of the worship of Christ while doing a study would be the same as leaving the precious jewels out of a king’s crown.


This is why an expository, categorical ministry of teaching is so critical to the effectiveness of a local church and its members. To merely glaze over the Savior’s life in the teaching ministry of the church is as Dr. Lewis Chafer says is not befitting of the Savior’s glory

“ The harmful effect of such a restricted comprehension of Christ is felt not alone in a field of truth which extends merely to temporal and mundane issues; it involves man’s proper recognition of his God and Creator.” vol.5, p.6 Chafer

Those who choose a simple Simon approach to Bible study and stop at that only stand back and look at Christ and never get to know him. When you get hooked on who Jesus Christ is personally you will never let petty things stop you from coming to get the word.

God has a plan for your life and it is not just “you do this and I will do this for you”. It’s not just coming to church and going through the motions. God’s plan for your life is much deeper than that. God is drawing you to himself so he can share his happiness and his insight with you through his Son Jesus Christ. God will always care more about who you are as a person than what you can do as a person. The church should be more concerned about who you are as a person and not what you can do for the church. A true loving church should be more concerned about what’s in you than what they can get out of you.

I also want to interject at this time that those church age saints who qualify to reign with Christ, Rev.2:26-27; II Tim.2:12, that these saints will have authority to see that Christ is properly worshipped. He is the Creator, he forgives sin, he judges sin thus he is the God-Man. So on the Christological aspect of our study lets take a moment to observe what scripture says about worshipping Jesus Christ.

Ps.95:6 “ O come , let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker.” Col.1:14-19 read. Jesus Christ is the physical manifestation of the complete invisible God.

Jn.5:23-24 Jesus Christ said if he was not honored, that is worshipped, neither is the Father in heaven worshipped. He said this before he was crucified. He recognized he was God in the flesh while walking among men. One time Cornelius fell down to worship Peter and Peter told him to get up, that he too was just a man and was not to be bowed down to, Acts 10:25.

But Jesus Christ was and is and forever will be worshipped.

1) He was worshipped by the angels in his pre-incarnate form, Isa.6:1-5.

2) While he was here on the earth, Lk.24:50-52

3) He will be worshipped forever in the future, Zech.14:17.

So what will be the consequences for holding ones opinions higher than the opinions of Jesus Christ, that is, if a nation expresses no desire to worship Jesus Christ?

Zech.14:16-21 says there will be annual sacrifices and those national representatives who do not choose to observe these worship sacrifices will have economic and climactic disaster upon their people. Quite an incentive to vote for godly representation isn’t it?

The Lord is fully God upon the earth and in full glory. He will not be ignored.

v.16-17 Those who are left of the Gentile nations at the end of the tribulation period, who believed in the Lord, each year they shall go up to worship the Lord of hosts, Jesus Christ. This will be an annual event for the nations of the entire world. Their nations will go to Jerusalem each year by way of a representative.





Lesson 13 Reigning In The Kingdom Age

As we pick up from Zech.14:16 we see that the feast of tabernacles will be observed each year for a thousand years.

Each representative will celebrate the feast of tabernacles for seven days. This feast is found in Lev.23:33-44. Of the seven feasts of the Lord, this is the only one that will be in a state of fulfillment as the Lord finally sees the “ harvest, or “ingathering” of his people.

This national harvest of people and blessings has not happened as of yet.

In this feast the children of Israel during Old Testament times would dwell in booths made of reeds. This was first of all a picture of Israel’s redemption out of the hands of Egypt, Lev.23:43.

She would no longer be a vagabond roaming the earth for a home. She would be restored and this feast as observed during the millennium will be a memorial for Israel, and every other nation to observe. For it is the Lord Jesus Christ who redeems mankind from the bondage of sin, a picture of Egypt. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who causes us to stop roaming all over the earth and to find our spiritual rest in his Father’s house.

It will require maximum humility to observe this celebration.

And on the eighth day of the feast they would return to their homes as a second picture that their wandering was over. Prophetically from the millennial point in time it also prophesies of the coming day when the millennial Kingdom will merge over to the eternal Kingdom.

I Cor.15:24-28; Rev.21:1,3 read..

Zech.14:18-19 tells of another kind of punishment upon those who refuse to go up and properly represent their nation. “ There shall be the plague to smite those who do not come up to keep the feast of tabernacles.”

Zech.14:20-21 depicts the nature of everyday life in the Messianic Kingdom.

No thing will be common. All things will be holy from how people conduct their daily lives to business transactions, to public decency. Jesus Christ will not tolerate any manner of filthiness in any media or way. He will have taken this world from corrupt and failed mankind. All devises of evil and harm will be gone. No one will get away with making an unclean web page in those days because the omniscience of the Lord will be upon the earth and he will respond to anyone acting out on the impulse to corrupt others with sin.

In addition to the Ezekiel passages all of these passages in Zech. show a future system of sacrificing during the Millennial kingdom.

The millennial Kingdom sacrifices unlike the prospective sacrifices of the Old Testament that looked forward to Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, will be retrospective and look back to Christ sacrifice for mankind.

Ezek.43:19-27 is the Lord Jesus Christ’s instructions for millennial sacrificing.

Some expositors say this interpretation is filthy and gory and not fitting of a beautiful temple, but this is the way western culture views sacrifices. We cringe at the Old Testament sacrifices, no wonder we as westerners cringe at a future eastern system of sacrificing.

Cain must have felt the same way as liberals feel today, i.e. that their can be a relationship with God without the shedding of blood. He must have been the first westerner. We know he was the first liberal. Cain believed in free speech so long as it made him look good.

God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways and his thoughts quite often are an offense to our self-exalted stature.

From Ezek. 40 - 43:27 we see the exact dimensions of the millennial Temple.


The Millennial temple dimensions are different from those of Solomon’s temple as seen in I Kings 6:2-7:51. Solomon’s temple was completed in 953 B.C. Ezekiel’s dimensions of the millennial temple also are not the same as the temple that was rebuilt under Ezra’s oversight, Ezra 6:3-4, which was completed in 515 B.C. As Merrill Unger says regarding the vision of the temple Ezekiel saw, no temple has yet been built quite like the one to come. Herod’s temple which is often spoken of as being quite elaborate still does not compare to Christ Jesus future Kingdom temple.


Note 43:6-7 how our Lord Jesus Christ demands the utmost respect of all.

From Ezek.44:1-46:24 we see worship in the kingdom age, especially in the Temple as the priest perform their functions of offering up sacrifices made for sin during the millennium. During the millennial reign of Christ those physically living saints upon the earth will be unique in that they will enjoy their individual priesthood, plus they will witness as well the national priesthood of Israel as they will see the deserved pomp and ceremony given to the Lord. All nations will be represented through Israel in that day. Not only is their individual recognition of believers in Jesus Christ, there will also be national recognition of believers in Jesus Christ in Jerusalem where Christ will make his headquarters.

Ezek.47:13-48:35 describes the division of the land among the twelve tribes of Israel during that 1,000 year era.

This will be a glorious age and when this earthly rulership of Christ is over then the eternal home of the saints of all time will be shared by all saints of all time. During the millennium O.T and N.T resurrected saints will live on the earth. Both Old and New Testament saints, who qualified in time, these will also reign with him and these saints will commingle with the living on earth just as Christ commingled with the living after his resurrection.

Rev.2:26-27; 5:10; II Tim.2:12 These passages define those who qualify as believers who are faithful to the Word. Believers who have lost interest in the Word in time will not rule with Christ, though they are eternally saved and enjoy the Lord.

The 1,000 year reign of Christ will come to an end and the New heavens and the New earth will dawn upon all the redeemed of mankind.

The heavenly city Jerusalem will descend to the new earth after this one is consumed by fire and purged of all its curses including sin and death.

In that city is the home of both Old and New Testament resurrected saints. It is the home Abraham’s people looked forward to, Heb.11:3-16. It is the place Jesus Christ said he was going to prepare for those who accept him as their Savior, Jn.14:2-3.








CS5 Blessings To Come

Lesson 14

The pre-millennial viewpoint with regard to the millennial reign of Jesus Christ is based upon solid interpretation, taking the word of God literally based upon contextual analysis; prophetic integrity; and theological findings. God has stated his promises to Israel, and I stand behind the promises of God. [God will be no more faithful to his promises to me as a Church age believer, than he will be to his promises to past dispensation believers.] If God’s promises to previous dispensation believers are not to be taken literally, then why should his promises to me be taken literally? The word of God is alive, it is not dead.

It is illogical for someone who believes in Jesus Christ to write off God’s promises given to a past group of people such as Israel, and to not write off the God given promises to themselves as well. Godly faith requires us to believe in things not seen, yet promised. It does not require faith for us to believe in prophesies already fulfilled.

The times that most of us think of as being in heaven and all of its glories is not diminished because of a 1,000 year Kingdom of Christ on earth. The eternal state will come soon enough. Just because we may be in a hurry, because we always are, does not mean God is in a hurry. God never gets in a hurry. When his word has been given, it cannot and it will not be broken. I Pet.1:23-25;Ps.119:89. His word is true, and he is true to his word.

[This is the definition of the veracity of God. His word is his bond]

Summing up life in the Millennium their will be

1. Universal righteousness and peace for 1,000 years. There have been many wars since some of us were born. Think of a time when we will have no wars. Think of the economic blessings of not spending over 17% of our national tax revenues on funding a military with all of its needs, and armaments. ( Encarta Encyclo. 97 GNP )

No one will be able to cry out, unfair, or unjust, or I’m being discriminated against for 1,000 years because Jesus Christ will rule with absolute fairness, and those who are under his “ footstool ” in all the nations will have to deal fairly with their people, and the citizens will answer for accusing Christ of being unfair.

Ps.72:1-20; Isa.11:1-10 read..

Innocence will mark the nature of life during that day. Though we church age believers will be in our glorified bodies we will still see for ourselves what life is like when God’s Son is on the throne. As that new era of time begins with all non-glorified millennial believers think about how great it will be for them and the cooperation they will share as they seek the will of the Lord.

No excuses for bad behavior will be accepted by a society that recognizes its universal blessings. Schools will not practice Dr. Benjamin Spock’s philosophy of permissive child rearing, nor John Dewey’s liberal minded approach to teaching nor will socialist liberal minded professors instruct young men and women to abandon their God given instincts. Drunkenness and debauchery and disrespect for the opposite sex will not be tolerated at any level. People will not be shy in praising the Lord for his goodness, and the name of Jesus Christ will not be an embarrassment in the public square as it is today.

No one will be able to sin and say the devil made me do it. No dictators will cause their people to live in squalor and starvation as they do in nations such as China, North Korea, India and so on. It is said between 5 to 20 million people die of starvation every year.

2. Another beautiful aspect of the millennium will be the curse on the earth is lifted. Isa.35:1-2; 30:23; 35:7. Great areas of desert will be turned to fruitful land in those days

It is said by the U.N that nearly 35% of the earth’s land mass is desert or of desert characteristics regarding the ability to grow food and sustain life on the earth.

This will all change during the millennium. Climactic changes will make this possible. Most deserts arise due to atmospheric wind conditions whether they result from the effects of ocean currents upon land masses or warm air masses that move without moisture in the jet stream. Jesus Christ controls the winds and the rains as we know, and he will make the winds to move to please his kingdom’s needs. Prov.30:4; Amos 4:13; Ps.107:35.

There will be an abundance of food for the world. No one will go hungry. Fair wages will be paid as per the law of the Lord, Isa.11:4; 65:23.

You will always have those who do not have as much as some. Some folks are more content with less. Qualifications to fill a position will not be because of who you know or the color of your skin, but because you are qualified.

The millennial Kingdom will not be a communistic, nor socialist society. Nor will it be a republic or a democracy. It will be a theocracy.

Animals will be seen in a different light in that day as per Isa.11:6-8; 65:25. The curse of danger and survival due to sin will be lifted in that day causing men and animals to dwell in peace as they did in the pre-fall days of Adam and Eve.

Also those with physical deformities and those in need of bodily healing will be made whole. Isa.33:24, 29:18; 35:5-6. Those with mental illness will be healed, Isa.61:1-3.

Longevity of life will be common in those days, Isa.65:20. To die at the age of 100 years will be compared to what we would call the age of a child today. They will live much longer.

Families will be large in those days, Jer.30:19-20. The absence of a corrupt media, and the practice of godly worship and living will make families strong again.

This time to come will characterize “ thy will on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Topographical changes will occur in Palestine as noted in Zech.14:4-8; Rev.16:17-19 read.

A great earthquake will cause a dividing of the Mount of Olives. This Mount was named after the olive groves that existed on the western flank of the Mount. It is located east of Jerusalem and center of Israel. It’s range is made up of three limestone ridges with the highest ridge reaching a height of a little over 2,700 feet. Gethsemane, where our Lord was betrayed by Judas Iscariot, is on this Mount. The name Gethsemane means the place where the oil is pressed.

Please hear what the Lord is saying here in Zech.14:4-5. This is no symbolical picture. This is no allegory only giving a moral story through the use of a narrative. This event cannot be turned into nothing more than a spiritualized application. Ezekiel as well as the revelations John received from Jesus Christ himself tell of a geographical return of our Lord preceded by the most powerful earthquake this planet has ever witnessed.

This great valley created by the great earthquake will provide an escape route for persecuted tribulation believers near Jerusalem.

The day of the Lord’s second coming will also be an unusual day in that at evening time it will still be light, 14:6-7.

Also a great river will flow out of Jerusalem. It will split with a portion going west and a portion going east, Zech.14:8. As a matter of fact the portion going east will spill into the Dead Sea and cause that sea to sustain an abundant fish life, Ezek.47:1-10.

As of today only a few microbes can survive it’s environment. Even sea fish die soon after being put into it.


Rev.20:7-10 tells us that at the end of Christ’s Millennial reign that he will release Satan for a short time to expose the will of the people. Those unbelievers who despise our Lord will be given the opportunity to show themselves and condemn themselves as they align with Satan. After Satan’s futile attempt at world domination is proved then time will be no more. Next is the Great White Judgment for all unbelievers. Satan will have been forever cast into the lake of fire.

The new heavens and the new earth will usher in the eternal state and the heavenly city Jerusalem will ascend to the earth. No more sorrow, no more death, only glory with God forever.

































The Second Coming of Jesus Christ


Lesson 6 Class Handout

It comes at the end of the seven year tribulation and seven years after the rapture of the church.


There are approximately twenty major references in the New Testament which detail the second coming of Christ.

Matt.19:28; 23:39; 24:3-25:46;

Mark 13:24-37;

Luke 12:35-48; 17:22-37; 18:8; 21:25-28;

Acts 1:10-11; 15:16-18;

Rom.11:25-27; I Cor.11:26;

II Thess.1:7-10;

II Pet.3:3-4;

Jude 1:14-15;

Rev.1:7-8; 2:25-28; 16:15; 19:11-21; 22:20.


1.His return is personal, Acts 1:11


2.His return is bodily, Zech.14:4


3.His return is visible, Matt.24:27; Acts 1:11; Rev.1:7; Rev.19:11-12


4.His return is to a specific geographical place , Zech.14:1-4, Rev.19:11-21


5.He is accompanied by the holy angels and his saints, Matt.25:31


6.He is returning to judge the people of the earth, Matt.19:28; Matt.24:29-25:46; Jude 15


7.He returns to judge Satan and the fallen angels, Rev.20:1-3; Heb.10:12-13; I Pet.3:22


8.He returns to rescue the tribulation saints still alive, Matt.24:22; Rom.11:26-27


9.He brings the greatest spiritual revival ever known to mankind, Rom.11:26-27; Jer.31:33-34


10.He re-establishes the Davidic kingdom over Israel, Ezek.37:24-25










Lesson 1

Interpreting God’s Plan


1. List five things a person needs in order to understand the Bible.







2. Define objectivity.



3. Who does the believer need for structured teaching to reach and maintain spiritual maturity, give scripture.



4. How much of the Bible can be understood by the believer?



5. How did God create the original heavens and the earth?



6. Define the Hebrew word, Bara.



7. For whom was the original earth created? Give scripture.



8. What caused the original earth to be cursed?



9. How long did God take to restore the present day earth?



10. What is the Angelic Conflict?











Lesson 2

Abraham’s Journey


1. Which child did God establish his everlasting covenant with, Isaac or Ishmael? Give scripture.



2. What name was Abraham’s grandson Jacob, changed to? Give scripture.



3. What is another name for the Promised Land, Canaan?



4. What was God’s reason for choosing Canaan as the Promised Land?



5. Define intimidation.






























Lesson Three


1. Can nations hostile to the Jews be blessed by God?



2. What caused Israel to not enjoy the glory God desired of her as a nation?



3. Where does the Bible speak of a remnant of Jews that will be saved and go into Christ’ Kingdom?



4. The Bible mentions three separate scattering or dispersions of the Jews before they would eventually live in peace in the Promised Land. Where are these found in scripture?






5. Give scripture which prophesies of Israel’s return in full prosperity to her promised land?


























Lesson 4


1. What did the ritual of the Abrahamic Covenant confirm to Abraham?



2. What four major teachings identify the view of the amillennialist?









3. What does it mean to spiritualize scripture?



4. What is figurative speech and how can it be misapplied to the interpretation of scripture?



5. What is the overall emphasis of the ecumenical church?



6. What is the overall emphasis of the evangelical church?



7. What does it mean when I say our church is pretribulational and premillennial?




















Lesson 5


1. How does organized religion make it harder for men to accept Christ? Give scripture.



2. Was Israel’s national identity established in 1948 the fulfillment of the prophecy of Deut.30:1-8?



3. What is the New Covenant?




4. Why is the New Covenant the most important of the covenants?
































Lesson 7


Note* lesson six , no questions. Scripture notes on the second coming given to class.


1. Do the living “sheep”, i.e., the saved, who are judged by Christ at his second coming at the end of the tribulation period; do they receive a glorified body then or do they go physically into the kingdom age?


2. Why will internationalism work to the glory of God in the Millennial Kingdom?

Give scripture.


3. What is a martyr?


4. What are the two criteria for blessing individuals and peoples all over the earth during the Millennial Kingdom?




5. What will salvation in the Millennial Kingdom Age require?


6. Where on earth will there be found ignorance of the knowledge of the Lord?

Give scripture.


7. Why will religion and denominational bickering not exist during the Kingdom Age?


8. What happens to the souls of the living lost who are judged at Christ second coming?


9. If a lost person going into the tribulation period has an opportunity to be saved does this mean they will be saved?


















Lesson 8


1. Define immortal.



2. When does God take the saint to heaven?



3. List the order of the four resurrections unto life everlasting.






































Lesson 9



1. When is Satan bound for 1,000 years?



2. Why does Satan transform himself into the likeness of a minister of light?



3. List several ways Satan deceives people?





4. How do some people feel after they have helped others that God seems to have let down?



5. How does Satan declare mankind as being justified?



6. When does Satan’s final judgment take place?



7. When is the Antichrist and the false prophet sent to the lake of fire?



8. Who makes up the unholy trinity?



















Lesson 10


1. What does King of kings and Lord of lords indicate regarding the Millennial Kingdom?



2. What is a theocracy?



3. What will happen to those who openly sin in Christ’s Kingdom? Give scripture.



4. Where will our Lord’s world headquarters be located? Give scripture.



5. Will wars exist during the 1,000 year reign? Give scripture.



6. How is Isa.2:4 misapplied today?



7. For freedom to exist there must be ________________ _________________.



8. When is civil disobedience approved by the word of God. Give scripture.























Lesson 11


1. What attribute of God stands behind his promises?



2. God stakes his __________________ upon his written word. Give scripture.



3. What ritual does the Church observe regarding Jesus Christ sacrifice of his life for us?



4. According to narratives regarding God’s vengeance upon those who persecute Israel, ex. Ezek.35; what promise are they forgetting? Give scripture.



5. Will the Holy Spirit indwell Millennial age saints? Give scripture



6. What great test will face the Millennial saint?



7. What does the vision of the “dry bones” of Ezek.37 foretell?



8. From Ezek.38 why does the Lord intentionally draw Russia down into Israel?





















Lesson 12


1. What did the Old Testament spotless and unblemished sacrifices represent?



2. What is the concluding issue of Heb.10:18?



3. What is the purpose for the sacrifices of the millennial Kingdom ?



4. What is Christology?



5. God will always care more about _____ _____ _____, than ______ ____ _____.



6. How long has Jesus Christ been worshipped as God? Give scripture.



7. Why should we worship Jesus Christ as we would the Father?



8. What will be the consequences of not worshipping Jesus Christ during the millennium?























Lesson 13


1. Which yearly O.T. feast will the world observe in the millennial Kingdom?



2. What two pictures does this feast portray?




3. Who gives Ezekiel the instructions concerning the sacrificial system in the millennium?



4. How do liberals feel about the shedding of blood, as a necessity for the covering of sins, as the Bible portrays?



5. Who was the first born human liberal?



6. What two distinct priesthood’s will co-exist during the Kingdom age?




7. What will be the purpose of a national priesthood ?



8. Which resurrected saints will reign with Christ in his Kingdom?




















Lesson 14


1. Will God be as faithful to his word to saints of other eras of time as he will be to you?



2. Define veracity.



3. How will discrimination and all forms of unfairness be eliminated?



4. Will there be climate changes to ensure greater crops in the Kingdom age? Give scripture.



5. List several human physical blessings the millennial saints will experience that we do not.







6. List several topographical characteristics of the millennial earth.