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Mary Had A Baby

“Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?” Lk.1:34

“For with God nothing is impossible.” Lk.1:37

Mary was stunned at the news that she would conceive of the Holy Spirit a miraculous conception and she would be the instrument whereby God would bring salvation to mankind. She gave birth to a son who would one day provide for her a second birth. She gave him physical life and he gave her spiritual life. An earthly life was all she could hope for until the Christ child came along. Yes, she had found favor in the sight of God as a young virgin lady, but when grace did much more abound in Jesus Christ she found forgiveness of sin and peace. Mary would need this peace to carry her through the sorrow when her blessed child would become a man and die on the cross for our sins. Mary wasn’t particularly special as far as most people were concerned; just another village girl, one whose life lay out before her a few scant dreams and possibilities. Before the angel Gabriel came she went about her daily chores thinking of the life she would experience with her soon to be husband, Joseph. She did not expect such shocking news. She did not plan her life out this way. But Mary took the news with anxious excitement. After visiting with Elisabeth and telling her the good news Mary begins to sing, Lk.1:46-55.

“My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.” You see Mary saw her need for salvation. She was not conceived sinless as some think. She was conceived in sin like the rest of us. She knew of the coming Messiah (God with us) from Old Testament Scripture and she saw her lost condition. Though she was of the line of the great King David, by this time in Jewish history all of David’s former glory was tarnished by generations of unbelief. Oppression by the Roman government ruled out any hope of her ever seeing her forefather’s former glory. All she could hope for was the fulfillment of Scriptures; that a child would be born in Bethlehem to a virgin. How could she ever dream that would be her? She praised God in Lk.1:52 for lifting her up to a state of honor, such one of low degree. She was neither wealthy nor influential, but her faithfulness fitted her for the task God put upon her. So often we think not of what plans God has in store for us. Being faithful, however, positions us to receive great tidings from God. We never know what good and perfect gift God will send our way, but we do know all of his gifts to us are blessed. To Mary the Gift was more than a child wrapped in swaddling clothes; it was the privilege of watching her Savior grow up before her very eyes.

As we know a short time after Mary sang this praise to God she gave birth to Jesus, the Christ. Hard times commenced soon after the Holy Child was born and thus a life of protecting him began. For years she watched him grow and become a fine young man. With an ever drawing call of listening to his Father’s voice in heaven she saw him stand for the truth and preach the truth in the streets and synagogues. He spoke with such authority and certainty that it was as if he had already been in the presence of God. She saw him betrayed by his friends and countrymen. The day would come when she would watch him leave home to continue his ministry. I can imagine her watching him walk out of sight. She knew he had a mission and she let him go. We know the sorrowful end for her when her Son was betrayed and crucified, but we also know a part of her joy as we experience joy realizing he is alive. Christmas is joyful because we realize as did Mary that truly God hath highly exalted us in Christ. May each one of us be thankful for what the Lord has done for us this year. And let each one of us look forward, as we go into the new year, for that something special God will do through us.

The Pastor
December 2007