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Love Worth Living

The Christian demonstration of God’s abiding love is seen only if we are willing to be made a target of public inspection and personal attack from both believer and unbeliever.

The true test of our Christian love is not demonstrated when it is convenient to show it, but when it is uncomfortable and even embarrassing to our ego.

Since we love Him who first loved us what should we expect from the world? When Jesus Christ showed his love the world despised him. His love for mankind raised jealousy among men, especially religious men. It exposed their sinful pride and selfishness. The Apostle Paul said in I Cor.4:9-13 and II Cor.4:8-16 that the apostles were appointed to die, for they were made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels and men; that they were fools for Christ’s sake so that others could reap the blessings of Christ; that they would do without so that others may have. Their names were defamed, and they were treated as the filth of the world and the lowest of human beings by believers and unbelievers. Paul went on to say in II Cor.12:15 that he would gladly wear himself out in an effort to spiritually instruct the Corinthian believers. At that time his experience proved that the more he spent his efforts to help them; showing them the love of God the less they loved him back. The harder he tried the less they appreciated him. Obviously the Corinthian believers lacked the spiritual capacity to appreciate Paul’s teaching and correction. And yet Paul had such a love for the Lord Jesus Christ that he would not give up on them, or resent them. Those who love the Lord accept the fact that they are no better than the Master, Jesus Christ; that if Jesus Christ suffered and died showing his love, so might we. I often wonder if we fail to show the love of God because we are afraid we will be shamed by others. I wonder how often we remain silent because we are afraid we will be ridiculed for our faith. The Apostle Paul said in II Cor.5:14-20 that the love of Christ constrains us, it motivates us; because we thus judge that, if Christ died for all, then all are spiritually dead, and we who have become spiritually alive in Christ should not serve ourselves, but him who died for us and rose again. This unconditional love which God has shown to us should be seen in the new creation he has made us. The old ways which were directed by the old sinful nature should be passing away, (taking in God’s word makes this possible). Jesus Christ has given to us the ministry of reconciliation, and he has committed unto us this ministry as his ambassadors. Carrying out our evangelistic efforts to a lost world, through witnessing the Gospel of Christ requires hearts filled with the love of God.

Paul goes further in II Cor.6 telling us this ministry is also to be extended to the saved. That he and those who served the Lord were to continue to serve regardless of how they were treated. They were taunted and ill treated by the religious crowd and even resentful jealous believers. Yet Paul said they continued to serve the Lord in spite of how they were treated; that to see spiritual fruit in the lives of those positive saints was a blessing. No believer is bigger than the plan of God, and to serve the Lord as we should we must always remember to live in the shadow of his great love, not our self interest.

The attribute of God’s love is remarkable. It is open at all times to bless. It is only missed out on when we spurn the goodness of God. It is everything but selfish. It is something the world needs to see, not just hear. It is a love that is respectable. It is a love that motivates self control. It is a love that refuses to give in to sin. It is a love that motivates the believer to stand alone if necessary. It is a love that is stronger than the closest of kin, and stronger than money. It is a love worth living.

The Pastor
November 2007