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What's Your Package?

Our former pastor, Dr. Richard Frampton used to say, “We all have a package”. He always said we should leave our ‘package’ at the door when we come into the local church.

It took me a while to understand what he was saying, but eventually I understood.

I chuckle now when I think of all the ‘packages’ I have witnessed since I have been here, including my own.

People come in with a ‘music/talent’ package and immediately they want to show what they can do. People come in with a certain ‘version of the Bible’ package and they want to corral everyone into their society. Some come in with their ‘preacher so-and-so is my favorite preacher’ package so you had better never disagree with my favorite preacher’s opinions.

Some folks come in with their ‘sad story’ package wherein no one can possibly understand their circumstances or their sorrow, or why they cannot be faithful in regularly attending the local church where they could receive the engrafting word which is able to preserve their faith, and save their soul; I Tim.4:16; James 1:21. Some come in with their love of ritual, love of power, and love of tradition package and all of these people have at least one thing in common, they all soon leave a doctrinal teaching church.

You see, Bible doctrine is bigger than any of our packages, or problems. John said of Jesus Christ “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Jn.3:30

For our lives to be transformed unto the character of Christ we must let go of our packages, even if they have merit in this world. I think most people will not let go of their package, because if they do they will no longer have something or someone in this world to blame for their disobedience to God.

No matter what our hang up is, none of these rise unto or above the intake of the word of God.

King David proclaimed, under inspiration in Ps.138:2, that God exalts his word above his very name. He is telling us he is every bit as much of God as his word proclaims.

Our hang ups will limit our spiritual growth, and they will dampen our fellowship with honest and earnest believers. It will also limit what God can reveal to us concerning Him and ourselves. Please never limit God to what you can do.

The Corinthian believers suffered a tremendous blow to their spiritual growth because they had a package. They had many spiritual gifts, along with financial wealth, and a steady influence of eloquent speakers.

This led them to the unfortunate belief that they were above learning the word of God. They were a blessed people, but pride led them to revel in their blessings instead of their Savior. Their faith, though initially placed in Jesus Christ for salvation, is much like ours today. We put our faith in Jesus Christ to save us, but just like many of the Corinthians we put faith in ourselves to guide our own way as well.

Ask yourself, “do I have a package; a patsy, a hang-up” that holds me back in my walk with the Lord. If we all stick with the word of God he will show us what needs to be removed from our lives so as to make more room for his blessed presence.

The Pastor
October 2013