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What It Means to be Faithful

I read an article in the Roanoke Times the other day. The article gave the testimony of a man who recently passed away. He had been a faithful member of a small church all of his life. He served in many capacities amid declining membership. He and his wife were the only ones who showed up sometimes, so they just prayed when no one was there to minister to them. Eventually a few families came and remained until his death. He did not give up on hope. He believed he was where he was supposed to be and he remained faithful until death. I suppose his wife will do the same now that he is with the Lord.

Faithfulness, what a marvelous concept. If it were not for the faithful where would we be?

For sure, it is not wise to stick with an unfaithful spouse. It is not wise to stick with an employer who constantly welshes on his promises. It is not wise to stick with a church and its pastor who are not faithful to the word of the Lord. However, it is wise to remain faithful through thick and thin to the word of God. Those who wait faithfully and patiently will be rewarded. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isa.40:31. If we are faithful to the Lord we will follow through with our service and obedience even when it looks as if our efforts are futile.

Psalm 30 speaks of King David’s patience on the Lord. He did not give up on the faithfulness of the Lord. So he sang praises unto the Lord even when things looked bleak to him. He knew the Lord’s joy would come upon him soon. He knew his mourning would be turned to dancing and gladness would replace sorrow. David said I will not be silent, I will praise thee O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto thee forever. Paul and Silas sang unto the Lord when they were imprisoned in Philippi, Acts 16:25-31.

When the Lord instructs his people to live and conduct their lives in His righteous ways, we must remain faithful to that instruction, even when it looks like the Lord’s instructions aren’t working. When we raise our children we must follow through with the Lord’s child rearing instructions even when it looks like it is not working. It takes years to raise a child and it takes faithfully implementing God’s standards in the home for the fruit to be seen in that child. Waywardness may occur during child rearing, as well as, waywardness occurs in church attendance for some believers, but we must remain faithful nonetheless.

When we see our church membership dropping off more than picking up we must still follow the Lord’s instructions even when it looks like it is not working. Folks, this is what faithfulness is. Faithfulness is not trying something until it seems to not be working. Faithfulness is trusting God’s word that things will work out if we stick to it because God says so. Edifying the body of Christ with sound Bible exposition and instruction promises reward to the saints, Heb.11:6; I Tim.4:16; Eph.4:12-16. Paul said we must fight the good fight of faith, I Tim.6:12. Faithfulness is faith in action. Faithfulness is not running when things do not go as we had planned. Faithfulness is holding your ground and waiting on reinforcements when you are battling the cosmic system in an age of apostasy.

We are so impatient today as Christians. We want blessings now for our efforts. We want things to happen when it is not the Lord’s timing some times. We like to set the Lord’s timetable. However, we never have to worry about the Lord being faithful.

The ability to remain faithful and to not grow faint hearted in the promises of God lies in our steadfastness to his word. Faith comes and it grows by consistently hearing and applying the word of God, Rom.10:17. Then that faith is tested. The test we are judged by is whether or not we will remain faithful.

The Pastor
October 2009