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Treasure Hunting In God's Word

Col.2:3 “In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

In this passage the Apostle Paul speaks of the treasures of divine wisdom and knowledge found in Jesus Christ, the One who is the incarnation of God in human flesh, Col.2:9.

Our verse in Colossians tells us the treasures of divine wisdom and knowledge are hidden in God, thus we have to dig sometimes, even going under ground. Sometimes we have to put on oxygen packs and flippers and dive down into the sea of truth. Some of you may not have the capacity or training to go down very deep for these wonderful treasures, but you must dive in anyway. Each one of us is at a different level of spiritual growth so we must go as far as we can, for each time we will find heavenly golden nuggets. As your understanding expands so will your interest in God’s word expand. Eventually you will be consumed with learning God’s word, and because your life is changing and you will find intimacy with God. Your priorities start changing for the good. Your outlook on life will change for the good. The way you see yourself and others will change for the good. Your interest in things will change for the good. You will not see going to church as a chore. Nor will your anticipation in what you want in church be the same. Whereas at one time perhaps your interest was in arguing with the pastor over every little point; or finding fault with someone in the church. Perhaps you were more interested in the church as an organization for activity and a place to advance a personal agenda, or showcase a talent. But now you go for treasures and you cannot get enough. You want a teaching pastor who has spent time diving deep into the scriptures during the week. Trust me when I say, I dive deeply in my studies, but when I surface I always return through the sound fundamentals of the faith.

Some of you may suffer from a form of spiritual claustrophobia (the fear of confined spaces) and your fear of studying something you didn’t know before makes you feel confined, so you may hesitate to dig into the word. When you come to church you should come with your spade in hand, ready to dig in along with the rest of the treasure hunters.

One of my main responsibilities as a pastor is to challenge you to go as far as you have capacity to go and then to encourage you to go even further each time we dive and dig into the scriptures. The single most important thing we had better do, however, is make sure that when we return to the surface we have God’s truth, not something we invented or imagined while mining the scriptures.

An immature believer can start spiritually hallucinating about God’s word, seeing things that are not there because they do not have enough knowledge to discern the deeper things. A believer may read a verse of scripture and immediately take it out of its intended context. Satan and unbelievers do this all the time when they are pushing forth some social agenda or justifying some sinful act.

One thing about God’s word is that it shines its own light. We do not have to shine our lights on the word of God to make it real. That would be like holding a candle up to the sun. What God says about his word is final. We should not take away and we should not add to his word. There is enough truth in the Bible to keep all of us straight. Some men will dig the scriptures to find alleged faults, and some men will invent meanings in the scripture to defend the scriptures. Neither one are necessary. God needs no one to defend him, or corral him into their corner. God doesn’t need us to mine the scriptures so we can explain him; he wants us to mine the scriptures so he can explain himself to us.

The Pastor
October 2008