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Being Put in Our Place

If we want things to turn out right, we have to do things right. Since things we do begin with thinking then it is reasonable that our thinking first has to be right.

Judah forgot this simple principle of life when it came to God. The people wanted their days to be filled with blessings from God, but they did not think in terms that were righteous and pleasing unto God.

God pleaded with the people, through the prophet Jeremiah in Jer.17:19-27 to observe the Sabbath, but they disobeyed God. He didn’t ask for perfection, just obedience. “But they obeyed not, neither inclined their ear, but made stiff their neck, that they might not hear, nor receive instruction.” Jer.17:23.

The Lord promised if they would rightly observe the Sabbath He would keep a hedge of protection around them, and He would also prosper them. But they had turned their hearts from God and would not hear His word. Things would not turn out right and good for them as the result, just as God said it would not.

“And they said, There is no hope, but we will walk after our own plans, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart.” Jer.18:12

No hope awaits the foolish, only sorrow.

Jeremiah was sent to the potter’s house to learn an object lesson to give to the people. There he saw a potter working at his wheel. The first vessel he made was marred, so he made another that was good. The lesson the Lord taught Jeremiah is that He, the Lord, is the Potter and He can do with the clay as He pleases, Jer.18:6.

Judah was the marred clay vessel because her thinking was evil toward the Lord. The Lord said, “cannot I do with you as this potter?”

She could be cast into the refuse heap like a piece of unusable pottery if the Lord so chose.

Jer.18:11 is an interesting verse as it gives us a glimpse into the capabilities our Lord possesses. The Lord can frame evil against a nation that turns on Him as Jer.11:11 shows us. This word means to fashion. Just as the potter fashioned the shape of the vessel with his hands, so the Lord can allow things, even set things in motion that bring down a stubborn sinful people.

Too often we think everything is about us and never about God. Too often we like to put the Creator in His place; sort of keep Him in the church. But He will not be silenced simply because weak sinful dying men want Him to be silent. Only fools think they can put a muzzle on God.

Judah ’s thinking was all wrong, and she would get seventy years of sorrow and bondage from the Babylonians to show for it. God would be silent toward Judah, not because men silenced Him, but because God’s own people had turned a deaf ear unto Him. God has never begged a man or woman to believe in Him or follow Him. It is our privilege to do both.

When we think we can start telling God whose in charge down here He will put us in our place. I think it is soon that God is going to say enough is enough, and He is going to put us in our place.

The Pastor
September 2013