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The Honorable Christian

Expository churches are struggling to gain and maintain memberships because emotional Christians have swept out the non-thinkers. Many pastors erroneously think a parking lot full of cars is a sign that their ministries are successful. God is not in the numbers game. His word and his grace are all the believer needs to be honorable and successful in this foreign land in which we live.

Why are believers in America so theologically shallow and biblically illiterate? Why are believers in America still bogged down by the same plague of sin and despair as the lost? The answer is that Christian churches in America have scrapped the expository word in order to gain and maintain the numbers coming into their church services.

We could do more for God’s glory if we would stop listening to those church leaders who have lost faith in the word of God. They have turned to programs and entertainment so as to offer immediate gratification to draw and keep a crowd instead of pouring over their studies in God’s living word. Without the living word taught and preached in the church all you have is a dead church, no matter how many are sitting in the pews. You see, our connection as believers is with the spiritual world, not the sensual world. The spiritual world is brought to bear on the soul of the saint through thought, not emotion. The present sensual world is stirred by feeling and excitement which has nothing to do with honorable living. This becomes the easiest way for doctrines of demons and seducing spirits to invade and take captive the minds of God’s people. It has become the elixir of the 21st century church movement. Rather than sticking with the sure fired remedy of changing lives through godly thought, men have incorporated the snake oil sales pitch of “bigger is better”. To be in a large church means you are more successful; that you are somehow closer to God; that you are in essence a bigger Christian. Big is not bad if big is doctrinal, but big is bad if big is not doctrinal. Small is not good if small if not doctrinal, but it is if it is doctrinal. To God size does not matter.

So be a thinker and be honorable. Learn the truth so you can detect error, and in turn be the honorable priest and ambassador God wants you to be. Your voice will have a different sound than that of the world, and it will draw others who too love the sound of truth.

The Pastor
September 2009