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The Happy Objective Believer

The more we learn from God’s word the more amazing the Christian life is. The more we grow the more we become satisfied with our lot in life, Phil.4:9-13. Regardless of where you find yourself in this life, if you are walking in the light as He is in the light, your thoughts will be balanced and your soul will be content. Your thinking will be honest toward God and people, and your objectivity will prevent you from judging others, Rom.2:1. This proper thinking will give to you the capacity to work to help those with whom you have a conflict of compatibility or personal interest. This is what we call virtue love in action. This is the kind of love God has he guides you and me.

As you grow spiritually in the word of the Lord you will also find yourself less condemnatory of your inevitable imperfections, I Jn.1:8 “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” Learning to live with ourselves is one of the biggest challenges we have in reaching spiritual maturity.

In learning the word of God the grace of God will develop in you a sense of personal self-esteem; the kind that God wants to see in his children. The self-effacing, “aw shucks that was nothing” goober you used to be is replaced with genuine gratitude for God’s amazing power to do as he said he would do through you, Phil.4:13. You should not be shocked that God gets glory out of your life. It’s supposed to be that way.

Truth also helps you learn how to laugh at your efforts at being righteous based on some method you invented to feel good about your daily life. Some ritual you may have followed each day may have convinced you that you had the right righteous routine necessary to attract and hold the favor of God.

I get literature every week telling me how to unlock the secret favors of God. I am supposed to buy their literature and DVD’s and share them with you at a hefty cost to this church. Isn’t it amazing at how much time and money people will spend to unlock a secret passage of scripture with the goal of capturing a maximum amount of favor with God? I don’t suppose they know God knows what they are doing. This must be like the police officers watching the robber pick the lock at the bank. The robber doesn’t want to work honestly over a long period of time to earn his reward; he wants it quickly and he wants a lot of it. If the robber has ill gotten gains this means he is actually wearing someone else’s suit and shoes and he’s spending someone else’s money. He is a phony and he will do anything he can get away with to keep up his slovenly habits.

Growing in the grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ is not something the believer does for a brief period in his life so that he can get busy for God until he dies. No indeed! Growing in the word and in the grace of God is the greatest part our fellowship with the Lord. It is even greater than prayer. Growing in the word is us listening to God, and praying is God listening to us. Both are integral to our growth and our understanding of the person and the will of God, but listening first to God helps us speak wisely and honestly with God in our prayers.

If we want to be a happy objective believer we must know that God is always primarily seeking fellowship with us, not service from us.

Jesus Christ said to the multitude which followed him to Capernaum that they did not seek him to know him, but to receive something from him; the bread. They did not seek after the eternal Bread of Life, but only after earthly bread.

They wanted what he had without wanting Him, Matt.6:22-35. In learning the word we learn of Him.

It is always what we are to God that matters most than what we do for God. God is in the relationship business primarily, not the work until you drop business. How often the servants of the Lord have burned out simply because they have lost sight of their relationship with the Father. Yes, we are called to maintain good works, Ti.3:8, but let us not get so busy for the Lord that we forget the Lord along the way for if we do it will show in our attitude and our witness. Enjoy being a child of God.

The Pastor
August 2010