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Resting In Christ's Victory

I Cor.15:55-57 “Oh death where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Do we realize we are already winners in Jesus Christ? Are we living like winners or are we living like whiners? Occupation with Jesus Christ on a daily basis is the sure antidote to living a defeated life. To stay occupied with the thinking of Christ, study your Bible daily and keep the prayer line open all day. Each day on earth is one day closer to heaven. Neither the clock nor the calendar goes backwards. Everyone and everything is moving forward.

The daily grind of life can lead us to forget that Jesus Christ has already secured the most important victories for us. He has overcome sin, death and the grave for us. All of life’s heartaches and disappointments are set against the backdrop of our secure victory in him. When looking through our variegated problems we should see clearly that these are no problem with God. Trusting him to look out for our best is never in question. Security concerning the future is not a problem for the believer. The future is always bright for the Christian because the Light at the end of life, or for that matter, the Light at the end of our trials is Jesus Christ.

Every believer has a grace package which God ordained in eternity past. God, with his perfect infinite knowledge [including foreknowledge] knew every need you would ever have, and when it is time for that need to be met God’s providence provides. Unfortunately we usually overlook his provisions and we chalk these provisions up to our own ingenuity. We could never be successful as Christians in this world of sin and fallen demons if it were not for the overriding will of God to take care of us. We are all like sitting ducks down here on this planet; this place where powers and principalities rule. However, the strategic victory Jesus Christ won at Calvary is sure. His enemies are being made his footstool until one day all evil will be subdued. It is our calling to represent our Lord’s policies while being a witness to the unsaved and these fallen powers. We must maintain our personal discipline if we want to get the benefits of the victory we have in Christ, otherwise we will become casualties in the angelic conflict, falling into the abyss of apostasy, and loosing our heavenly rewards.

Resident Bible doctrine [God’s word in the soul] can sustain us when we are in a battle. It will be the bread we feast upon when we need strength to go on. It will be the water we drink when our trials lead us into parched valleys. Yes, it does seem at times that victory is a long ways off, but it is not. It is already ours. We are simply living the experience others have already gone through. Hebrews chapter eleven gives to us the testimony of the saints of old of both men and women who clung to their faith. They may have wrestled with their circumstances, but they did not wrestle with their faith; they rested in their faith. They now have their reward. Their faith is now a living reality and so will ours be one day. As we said a moment ago, that day is nearer now than it was yesterday.

Think of all the worrying we have done in our lives and yet the Lord was always there. We now know he was right there with us because we are still here and we survived our trials. When will we learn that the battle is the Lords? Turn your worries over to the Lord. Keep on fighting the good fight of faith. Keep using your faith in God to subdue your fears, and never for once think you are on the loosing side.

The Pastor
August 2009