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A Timely Phone Call

I spoke with a young man last July who said he was told he was doomed forever because of a sin he had committed as a teenager. In a state of depression over this revelation from a preacher, he went into demon worship and acted out because of his anger toward God. After a period of time passed he began to date a Christian lady and after hearing of his worry she told him to call someone concerning his problem. She obviously saw the torment he was going through. For some reason God lead him to call me. The preacher had quoted a text not knowing the Bible very well. Perhaps the preacher was so offended he wanted this young man to go to Hell just like Jonah wanted the Ninevites to go to Hell.

I told him that God would forgive him for all his sins, not just some for which he was guilty, and that he needed God’s forgiveness; that he needed to be saved. That Satan did not want him to get forgiveness and find peace. I pleaded with this young man to get in the Bible and let God push this tormenting darkness out of his soul. I told him it would take time, but eventually he would begin to see the light and experience God’s peace. That he could not count on feelings to find this peace, for he would have to exercise faith, and let his understanding of God’s word prove God’s love and forgiveness to him. He wanted to know how he could be sure God had forgiven him and I told him he had to believe in Jesus Christ and receive Him as Savior. That to find peace he must trust God for His forgiveness and that only by getting into God’s word could God give to him the assurance of his salvation and his forgiveness.

He said he had become a believer in the past, but had backslidden and he was no longer sure he was saved. I taught him I John 1:9 and told him to put the past behind him, that there was nothing he could do to change it. He said thank you and good bye.

How did I come to get this call? I am sure Satan didn’t want me to get it.

I had left my study at the church and went up to the parsonage to get a label to mail a birthday card to our former pastor, Dr. Richard Frampton. When I entered the house the phone rang. I thought twice about answering it because we get a lot of solicitations for money and I was in a hurry to get the card mailed and get back to my study. Something told me to take the call and I am glad I did. I was glad I had walked to the parsonage when I did. I was grateful that I could help this tormented person. God does work in the most unique ways. Be faithful and God will put opportunities in your path when you least expect it. We must realize timing is very important to God. God knows when a soul is ready to reach out for help. We do not know the time when people are ready to reach out thus we are to be ready at all times. “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear,” I Pet.3:15.

If we have a listening ear and a willing heart to share the gospel, or give biblical counsel, we will find ample opportunities to tell others about the Lord. Notice Peter first gives the order for us to sanctify the Lord God in our hearts. The word, sanctify, means to set apart something as holy. The Word itself is holy, subsequently we are to respect the Word in our hearts. When we respect the word of God we learn the word, and we obey it. Others will see our reverence for the Lord and be drawn to us to help them because they see the hope of God in us. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will send people our way as he did for me that day. I never heard from that young man again, but I do know he received God’s answers to his problem. We must not look at God’s timing as an inconvenience. We are all on God’s clock. We must never be too busy to stop what we are doing to talk to someone about the Lord.

The Pastor
August 2008