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Returning to God's Goodness

I recently heard an old Methodist preacher say we do not know goodness the way our fathers and grandfathers knew goodness.

It used to be we didn’t have all of the conveniences we have today. Folks used to carry their water from a well, and there was no indoor plumbing. People had to hunker down and stay close together on still and cold snowy nights. There was no air conditioning and you ate what you planted and raised. You stayed close to home, not traveling very far, and you knew your neighbor. When something bad happened in the area everyone pulled together and worked and prayed together. When someone was sick a company of caring women were there vigilantly tending to them and someone else would take in their children until the sick spell was over. When a fire burned down a house or barn the men would help build another one.

But we live in a new day and the world is in such a hurry. Life is passing us by and the world is swallowing us alive. God to many folks is a distraction to their self-destruction. People don’t laugh like they used to. You rarely hear someone whistling a tune any more. Our joy is disappearing and evil is filling its belly with our youth. Satan is busy keeping us busy and distracted from the most important elements of life. Our family life is suffering and our church life is either so dead or it is so busy and worldly we hardly find any peace from God at all.

We live in a day a time when men call good evil, and evil good. Isaiah said, “Woe unto them who call evil, good, and good, evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Isa.5:20.

When a woe is pronounced it precedes a judgment coming from God. God not only felt this way toward Israel in Isaiah’s time, he feels the same way today toward anyone who exchanges good­ness for evil and calls evil good.

We live in a day when men exalt their merits above the goodness of God. Men today say they will determine what is good and what is evil. Today if a saint of the Lord speaks up for the Lord’s word and denounces a sinful practice the world calls this saint an unloving child of the devil. If men and women practice sin which the Bible denounces and even calls abominable, and a faithful saint says God says it is wrong, such sinners say the Bible is wrong and God is the evil one. Humanism so pervades our society today that to be anything other than a humanist is irreverent. In today’s culture it is practically ungodly to not be a humanist. To be godly ac­cording to the humanist one must ignore what the Bible defines as evil. We are called on by the green people to worship the creation and not the creator and his word. We are challenged by humanist to put our energies and resources in to saving the planet with no mention of the lost souls dying every day. When churches preach the Gospel and its edifying teachings we are said to be out of touch with the needs of the world; that we should be fighting poverty and aids and protesting against wars. But as you can see if we do not learn God’s word then we will not know God’s viewpoint. When we leave God’s viewpoint out of our problem solving equations then we leave God out of our society. The Christian cannot do this and be a good Christian. To the secular humanist a biblical Christian is evil. To say truth is relevant, i.e.; it is what you say you want it to be, is what the world wants to hear. By this way of thinking everyone becomes a god unto him­self, just as Satan promised Eve in the Garden of Eden, Gen.3:5.

Let’s return to our senses and return to goodness from God’s viewpoint. Let’s not allow the world’s standards to lasso us into its’ noose, because if we do they will hang us out to dry.

The Pastor
August 2007