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One Rung At A Time

You scaled the walls of doubt and fear

by faith in God’s promises, one rung at a time.

You climbed above your selfishness;

your ego; your temptations, one rung at a time.

As you climbed higher your stamina increased.

Your desires for the things of this world diminished.

Your desires for the things of God increased, one rung at a time.

With each upward reach your commitment to Christ grew.

The closer you got to Christ likeness the greater the joy experienced, one rung at a time.

Your reaching forward encouraged those below to continue their climb.

You reached down to help them when you saw them struggle, one rung at a time.

Grace spread a net of security beneath you

when you slipped in sin, doubt and weariness, one rung at a time.

Resident Bible doctrine fed you

and the Holy Spirit empowered you from above, one rung at a time.


Then you pause to catch your breath.


You ask, “ Where does this journey lead me?”

I say. “ Straight to the Father’s home above.”

You are traveling home everyday of your life.

It is on the days when you take time to commune

with your Heavenly Father through His Word and

in quiet prayer and solitude that you sense

the strength of your relationship to Him and His dear Son.

It is on these days the journey seems so short

and the world seems so small.

Once you have had your time of quiet repose

your spirit encouraged, and your nerves composed,

you arise to continue your upward climb

ever so convinced that your life counts, and

the Father is smiling on your determination to make each day count for Him.

What else can you do?

Dear child of God be at peace with yourself.

For we who have believed in His Son; we ragged soldiers of the cross,

we are going home.

Our tour of duty is coming to an end.

Until then, cinch up your boots, dawn your helmet and

buckle down your chin straps.

Tightly secure your canteen and ammo belt, take hold of your arms

and continue the ascent over the walls of doubt and fear

by faith in God’s promises; one rung at a time.

The Pastor
July 2010