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The Eternal Word of God

There are those who say Jesus Christ has nothing to say about our modern day homosexual movement. However, I believe this confusion exist because so many think Jesus Christ is only a two-thousand year old religious historical figure, and that his words as found in the Bible are limited to the four gospels and the words written in red ink.

But the Bible is clear that Jesus Christ possesses the same divine attributes as the Father and the Holy Spirit, which includes the authority to give inspiration to the Holy Scriptures.

Jesus Christ is as much a part of the writings of the Old Testament as he is the New Testament. Though the New Testament records the fulfillment of some Old Testament writings it also shows a fuller revelation of the word of God wherein it closes out with the Book of Revelation.

Instructions to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in the first book of the Bible through the last book of the Bible, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, given to the Apostle John, came from the mouth of God of whom Jesus Christ is the Second person of the Divine Godhead.

You cannot separate Jesus Christ from the Old Testament. He never had a time when he did not exist. Jesus Christ predates the creation, Micah 5:2; Col.1:16-19. Rev.1:7-8 says the One who was pierced shall come in the clouds and every eye shall see him. He calls himself the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.

There is always perfect agreement within the Godhead, including the inspiration of Scriptures. Jesus Christ is even called the word of God, Jn.1:1-14, and he is the only one whom the Father sent to declare the righteous standards of God to the world. Though he did cry “my God, my God why have you forsaken me?” while on the cross; he in doing this did not diminish his value as perfect God dying for mankind’s sins. He did this for us to pay for our sins, and show us our value to God, Jn.3:16.

Since the word of God says homosexuality is an abomination in the Old Testament, Lev.18:22, and the word of God told his servant Paul it is the act of a moral reprobate in the New Testament, worthy of judgment, Rom.1:24-32, then it is the same whether Moses wrote it or Paul wrote it. It still came from the same source; the word of God.

What we have to be thankful for is that Jesus Christ paid for all the sins of mankind, and all sins were covered at the cross. All we must do to receive forgiveness of our sins, no matter what kind, is repent and accept Jesus Christ for who he is as Savior and Lord.

To sanctify something that God clearly calls an abomination, to the level of marriage, the highest and holiest of human unions, is pure evil.

The prophet Isaiah said in Isa.5:20, “Woe unto them who call evil, good, and good, evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”

It has become popular since the era of television to challenge conventional, and in particular biblical wisdom. We all know marriage and the home are under philosophical attacks from those who spurn this wisdom. And now the sanctity of marriage and the home are being eroded and attacked by an evil grass roots propaganda staged in the name of civil rights. This grass roots campaign has made its way all the way to the White House.

Comedies and dramas portrayed by personable likable actors may soften the public’s opinion on homosexuality, but it does not stand approved by the word of God.

The propaganda postulated by homosexual marriage unions, as being a civil right by many Americans, is now being waged against God’s institutions of marriage and family. Though marriage and the family are not perfect, and both need much repair, they do not need a counterfeit marital union based on what the word of God calls an abomination. This nation needs God’s blessings in a worst kind of way.

Both the Old and New Testaments confirm as per Gen.2:22, and Mark 10:6-9 that God made both male and female to unite in marriage. For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave unto his wife, gunaika, the female. And they two shall be one flesh. What, therefore, God hath joined together [male and female in marriage], let not man put asunder. In the Greek text this proclamation is in the imperative mood. This is a command given by God, and it was confirmed in Mark’s gospel some four to possibly six thousand years after the Garden of Eden. God still considers marriage to be between one man and one woman. Any thing outside of that is a perversion of marriage.

If some Americans think they are confused over their sexual orientation they would do well to see what God calls that confusion as summarized in Rom.1:21-28...

...vain in there imaginations; darkened foolish hearts; fools; dishonored bodies; exchangers of truth for a lie; worshippers of creatures; vile affections; against nature; burning in lust; unseemly; reprobate minds who do those things that are not fit.

They would do well to see from the word of God what he did to Sodom and Gomorrah as per Gen.19:4-29; Isa.3:9; Ezek.16:48-50; II Pet.6-12; Jude 7; Rev.8:11

We all will do well to turn to his word for answers, and confess where we need to confess our sins, not matter what the sin is, II Chron.7:14.

We are fortunate in our day that the Old Testament judicial penalties imposed by God upon Israel for certain sins and abominations have been covered by the death of Christ, but they are sins nonetheless.

Each time we turn to the word of God let us not be confused as to whose word it is, and let us not be guilty of plotting the Son against the Father and the Holy Spirit to justify unholy living.

The Pastor
June 2012