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Steadfast Christians

Steadfast Christians are an inspiration to me. They have a resolute presence that brings calm and order to any hectic environment. They are the rallying point during the fury of battle. They are the ones who keep their cool when high emotions cloud a meeting. They are the ones who bring calm during a family crisis. They are the ones you expect to see in Church every time the word is offered. Their testimony may not be showy and perhaps their personality is not effervescent, but their dedication is unquestionable. They are the front line troops in the battle against the unseen powers of spiritual darkness in this world. They have an anchor not just due to their position in Christ, but because of their positive volition to his Word. Their steadfastness is a sure evidence of their salvation and also their spiritual maturity. Their convictions are biblically sound and so is their character.

Let’s look at this word steadfast. The Old English spelling is stedfast, but an a has been added to it. I think this is fitting because an a is what believers will receive at the awards ceremony at the judgment seat of Christ for being steadfast.

Its definition means to be firmly fixed, to be constant and unchanging.

The Greek noun for steadfast is [stereos]. It is used in several places in the N.T. and is translated as; strong meat or solid food in Heb.5:12,14. Here the word of God is compared to strong meat or solid food. From Heb.5:14 it is said of those who are steadfast, that they are firmly fixed and constant in God’s word, that these have use of their spiritual senses whereby they have discernment in things that are both good and evil.

Solid spiritual food is God’s sound instruction and this instruction if metabolized into the soul by faith provides the believer God’s inventory of thought; an inventory of thought that recognizes things fitting to God as opposed to things not fitting to God. Ps.119:11 says “Thy word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”

This word anchors the soul of the saint so securely that rarely do they practice sinful acts, either by way of ones thoughts, words or deeds. This is the example of a believer we all look to for stability in the things of God. And this is the testimony we all can have if we will but avail ourselves to God’s word.

This word [stereos] is translated, sure, in II Tim.2:19. Here we see the foundation of God’s word stands steadfast. God’s immutable [unchanging] word is the anchor to which all of creation is fixed, and God’s word is likewise the anchor to which all Christians rest their eternal hopes. We trust in God to keep his word and as we do we must see the value of learning his word as our top priority. Without being firmly grounded in his word we will not follow God in faith and our viewpoint in life will be foreign to that of our Fathers’ in heaven. Our Christianity will be shifting from one paradigm to another in a constant movement taking us from one place to another. Christianity is wrecked when it does not follow the word of God. It is tossed upon the rocky shoals of human viewpoint which lie beneath the surface of human reasoning. These non-biblical viewpoints punch holes in our witness, and sink our effectiveness for the Lord. They rob God of his glory and the saint of his reward.

It is the steadfast Christian who is able to resist Satan as I Pet.5:9 notes. This believer is grounded firmly in the faith not because he feels he is grounded, but because he has learned God’s word. Peter does not say we are able to resist Satan by personal faith alone. The Greek text uses the definite article [te] feminine dative singular, before the noun faith which identifies this faith as the whole realm of God’s word.

It is the immutable anchor of God’s word abiding in the heart of God’s people that gives to them the ability to see the deceit of sin and the trickery of Satan. Steadfastness in the word is impossible apart from a thorough understanding of God’s word. This is why the believer needs to be in a sound teaching church that presents the whole council of God’s word where the pastor speaks with authority from the Bible and he does not entertain the notion of apologizing for God. Steadfastness will not become the testimony of a believer who hears only Gospel messages or interesting topics week after week in church. For steadfastness to be our testimony for the Lord we must submit our hearts to as much biblical truth as we can get, and then we must draw on that truth every day for inspiration and direction.

The Pastor
June 2007