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Welcome to Spiritual Adulthood

Have you ever noticed how some people are always trying to get you to do something? They will not do the thing, but they think you should. Who do they think will get the credit from God if the other person does the thing; that’s right, the other person. You see, you do not get credit for someone else’s efforts. Why do some people insist in giving their blessings to others? Are they too insecure to follow up on God’s direction?

The Holy Spirit is the divine traffic director. The Holy Spirit is in the center of God’s work, pointing, waving believers in the direction in which they should go. As long as the Holy Spirit directs; the traffic flows freely and all runs smoothly. The pastors serve to instruct believers on the correct driving habits.

But why is it that some people want to run and stand in front of the Holy Spirit, the divine traffic director, and commence to direct all spiritual traffic coming their way?

Is there a divine gift that I do not know about, a gift as wonderful as Divine Omniscience? The Holy Spirit has this wonderful attribute because he is God. He knows what is best suited for every believer, because he knows each individual believers abilities and exactly what he wants the believer to do.

The Holy Spirit also has the divine power, called omnipotence, to provide for the believer’s needs on his or her trip.

Have you ever pulled up to a stop sign or red light, and as you are waiting for the on coming vehicle to pass, the person in the vehicle behind you is blowing their horn for you to go on so they can get to where they are going?. They do not care if you are involved in an accident or someone gets hurts just so long as they get to where they want to go. They are not looking at the on coming traffic; they are just looking at you sitting there in front of them. Ultimately you will have to make the decision to pull out in traffic or listen to the rude horn blower behind you. You know they cannot see what you are seeing, and you know they really don’t care. This is a matter of self-preservation. Will you risk hurting yourself or others, or ignore the noise behind you? I vote for ignoring the noise behind you. They do not see as you can see, and they do not have the power to protect you once you are in harm’s way. To them you are just a means to an end. Beware of those who will use you to promote themselves. They are opportunist. They have a blind spot on their soul, a callous that has been formed for years. A callous that came about by them being selfish; thinking people owe them right of way through their life. That others are just a passage way to their fortunes and personal satisfaction. To some people you are just fodder, and they are the corn. Unfortunately this behavior goes on in churches.

Take stock in your individual autonomy. There is only one of you. God has a plan for your life too, and sometimes that plan does not involve the opinion of others. With your soul being saturated with a steady diet of God’s word you can claim your independence for God. Though you may enlist the help of others and be a good friend to them, you can still make decisions in life with the certainty that God is pleased with you. Your confidence in God will establish the foundation of your efforts and your relationships. Society will not dictate your worth and neither will those who need you to get what they want. You may be misunderstood at times and you may be reviled by your insecure associates and acquaintances, but you will not be shaken. Your resolve for the Lord will be demonstrated by your faithfulness to your calling; to your family and to your church. Your dependability will not be motivated by guilt, but out of your love for the Lord. God bless you as you reach and maintain the high ground we call spiritual maturity.

The Pastor
May 2007