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Now is the Acceptable Time

Have you ever wondered why we have moments of clarity that change our lives forever?

We typically deal with daily cares as they come, or as we plan for them, but the deep things as they dawn on us are rare. It makes one wonder about the free will of man and the sovereignty of God when we think about what brings the rare thoughts to pass. What is the cause behind a person considering heaven and hell? What stirs a man to change the way he treats his wife, or a woman treat her husband.

How many years does a suffering spouse grieve over their loved ones cold and callous heart? What changes peoples' hearts.

The well known narrative of the prodigal son well documents the son who took his inheritance, left a loving family and home and wasted all he had on his fair weather friends partying. When he stooped to the level of eating with the swine, finally an epiphany came to him. I have been a fool. I had a good life and a loving family. I had a future with blessings at every turn. Why did I turn from what was so good, to become someone who is now so low?

This young man had a moment of clarity; a reality check if you will.

In my experience, suffering initiated the process of self-examination. In my life, suffering and hardship have pulled me away from the brink of self-destruction and the ruination of my marriage and ministry.

I thank God for the lessons learned in suffering as He used the crooked end of his staff to pull me out of danger and back into the fold.

For the lost sinner Jesus Christ said, “No man can come to me, except the Father, who hath sent me, draw him; and I will raise him up at the last day.” Jn.6:44

The Father sends the Holy Spirit to reprove sinners of their sin, of His righteousness, and of judgment day because Christ was judged on the cross for our sins, Jn.16:8-11. When that holy reproving draw effects our conscience, then conversion is imminent. When it dawns on us that our lives are but a vapor, here a little while on this earth and then gone, it is then understood that the time to accept the Lord is now. The dawning of this thought may never come your way again; behold now is the acceptable time.

The Pastor
April 2014