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The Immovable Truth

As a faithful member of my local church for many years I depended on my pastor Dr. Richard Frampton, for telling me the truth. I wanted him to be as accurate as he possibly could be. In order for him to do this he had to have a truth to tell. That truth could not shift back and forth with public opinion. It could not change from one Sunday to the next. If something was sinful it was to be avoided at all cost. If something was righteous it was to be pursued at all cost. That truth also had to apply to everyone. My pastor could not be partial to anyone in the congregation. He could not tell a college graduate one thing was true and tell a non-college graduate it was not true. He could not apply a truth to me that did not apply to him. He had to be held accountable to the same standards as I was.

I am glad to say that my pastor, of almost thirty years, was very faithful to the truth, and that he was just as faithful in sharing and explaining that truth to me and others. Even in times when I heard a truth, which I found hard to believe about myself, he was still faithful in repeating it to me. The instilling of those truths brought liberty to my rebellious soul. He taught that once we get past ourselves, and put our egos in check, that we can find great joy in God’s truth.

Many saints of God could find more exciting things to do for a church service than be told they were out of line with the truth of God’s word, but how many of these saints would experience the liberty truth brings to the heart? Not one.

I think there are a lot of believers who are in denial of their old sin nature, and they do not want to hear the truth. Thank the Lord for a pastor who kept plugging away at the truth. The crowd may have thinned, but the purity of our fellowship was strong and it was sweet.

This immovable truth, taught line upon line, here a little and there a little, Isa.28:9-10, becomes our standard for knowing right from wrong from God’s viewpoint. It becomes our guide for practicing our Christian beliefs. So often today the guide for practicing ones beliefs shifts with the tide of public opinion; an opinion opposed to God’s authoritative word. But this immovable truth instills confidence that we will be blessed on earth and in the future life.

As believers in Jesus Christ the truth we follow is a truth we accept to be the word of God. It is a truth that has no legitimate rivals. Personal experience proves that keeping God’s word brings joy, comfort, confidence, correction, security, a sense of destiny and an enduring hope.

Keeping the truth saves us from shame and guilt complexes. It keeps us from taking advantage of others. It keeps us in good standing with honorable men. And more importantly it keeps us adjusted to the just standards of God whereby we remain positioned for phenomenal blessings.

To be a member of a local church and receive very little teaching from God’s immovable truths leaves us to make choices of eternal weight with very little of God’s clear direction. Truth does us no good if we do not have it.

God’s truth stands alone offering itself as the most important asset to our decision making. It is the one amenity we cannot afford to be without in our personal lives and in our churches. It is the single most important element that clarifies the identity of Jesus Christ.

When truth is learned it becomes the filter by which our personal perspectives are screened. It tells us when to move forward and when to hold back. It keeps us objective enough to wait to hear the other side of a story. It helps us discern the messages coming from the media and the pop culture icons; those recognized alleged experts who say they know what is going on in the world. The truth helps us see past our present adversities into a tomorrow filled with great joy. The truth becomes the standard by which we measure not only our own intents, but also the intents and action of others.

We should never be naive as to believe that all men have our best interest in mind, or that they know what they are doing. A learned Christian is optimistic about the future because they have confidence in God’s written truth regarding the future.

The truth of God’s word has been resisted and attacked ever since it was first spoken to Lucifer, and eventually to Adam and Eve.

We are not oblivious to this resistance. We see this resistance in marriages, homes, churches, schools, and our government, and we see the mess we are in when God’s immovable truth is replaced by man’s ever changing erratic attempts at expressing his own truths.

Jesus Christ said when the blind lead the blind they both fall in the ditch, Matt.15:14.

When this happens on the local church level believers are lead astray. When this happens on a national level nations fall into the hands of merciless opportunists who keep changing their stories based on what truths they think the people want to hear.

I have yet to witness a human being, much less a local church that has benefited by downplaying or substituting something else for the truth of God’s word. There is nothing more noble and powerful, which can lift the spirits of a broken heart, than God’s immovable truth.

Please take the time to read Prov.1:20-33. Dear reader, there is much at stake in our personal lives when it comes to receiving or rejecting the truth of God’s word. God’s truth is not given to us as if it were an option which we could trade with other man made truths; it is the only truth. Man’s truths pass away, but God’s truth is eternal, I Pet.1:25.

It is my prayer that we will all take more time to learn God’s truth; that we will not put it on the back burner of our hearts, our homes, and our churches.

The Pastor
April 2011