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The Angelic Conflict & the Resurrection

The angelic conflict started before Adam and Eve encountered Satan in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer was the anointed cherub; the highest ranking angel who tended to the wishes of the Almighty Triune God. Long before the world came into being, as we know it, there came a day when Lucifer grew tired of seeing all the angels ascending and descending from the throne of God. Lucifer grew jealous of the adoration and worship the Creator received. In his lust for power and praise he deceived one third of the angelic realm, Rev.12:4, and they followed him in his quest to ascend above the Lord God. In God’s judgment He sent Lucifer and his demonic hosts of fallen angles to the lower heavens where they are allowed to rule until their judgment day, Isa.14:12-15.

In the plan of God man was created. Mankind was not put here on earth to simply make a living and raise a family. Mankind was created in the image of God to reflect the glory and love of God. But jealous Lucifer, soon known as Satan, that Old Serpent, the Deceiver, came into the paradise of Eden. Eve was tempted as well as Adam to disobey God and they did, Gen.3:1-6. Satan thought he had taken back his original dwelling place before his fall, Job.38:4-7; Prov.8:30-31.

But God made a promise to Adam and Eve and all humanity that He would send One, born of a woman, conceived of the Holy Spirit, who would eventually crush the head of that Old Serpent, Satan, Gen.3:15. The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us as the only begotten of the Father, Jn.1:1,14. He came to die for our sins.

At the cross Satan thought he had won the angelic conflict between himself and God. He thought that all mankind would be doomed by sin and thus God would have to admit his failure of creating mankind. But God never fails. Instead of mankind being judged for his sins the Son of God paid the entire penalty for all the sins of the world. And by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead He freely justifies forever those who come to Him by faith.

Now, all of those who believe in Christ are entered into this angelic conflict. We are eternally secured in the Lord’s plan and one day we will be with the Lord. Satan and his host, and unfortunately, all of unbelieving mankind will perish for taking sides against the righteousness of God.

When Jesus Christ said his last words on the cross in John 19:30,just before giving up his Spirit he said, “It is finished”, the work Jesus Christ was sent to do in opening up the door to mankind’s opportunity at reconciliation with God was complete. God was reconciling the world unto himself through the judicial sacrifice of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ,

II Cor.5:19. He made him to be sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in him, II Cor.5:21. “But God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”, Rom.5:8.

Satan never would have imagined God would send his Son, the second person of the Holy Trinity, to die for fallen mankind. What could we do in return to repay God for this merciful act of love? What could we do to deserve such an opportunity? All we can do is believe the message God has left us. All we can do is accept the offer. Ever since that day Satan has done all he can to tear apart the inspiration of the message. He has done all he can to tear apart congregations. He has done all he can to redirect saints away from the inspired word of God into fields of entertainment and amusement. We must know that we are engaged in cosmic conflict. We never go on extended furloughs lest we be AWOL. ...

Even though the great cosmic war was positionally won at the cross, and by the bodily resurrection of our Lord, the battle rages on and believer casualties occur every day.

The authority of God’s word has taken a back seat to programs, entertainment, and the traditions of men. We all must fight the temptation to buck the authority of the word of God. We must stand firm in the word of God. We must rise above petty differences to see the higher cause of lifting up the banner of the cross. If we neglect Bible doctrine, (the teachings of God’s word rightly divided as instructed to the pastor to teach for the edification of the saints), then we will not have the courage nor confidence to stick to God’s battle plan. His is a plan of winning the daily temptations waged against us by the world, the flesh or the Devil, I Jn.2:15-17. God’s winning plan for the daily success of the combat ready believer involves consistent intake, absorption, and exhale of divine principles applied to life. Virtue love must rise above petty personal conflicts.

Will we retreat to the pity parties so many saints love? Will we seek a different path which leads us to find consolation in easy listening sermonettes? Will we look for an escape from our spiritual combat duties, by chasing after smooth talkers who promise us a life of ease as believers? Will we seek celebrity status in our churches where we are looked up to?

As believers in Jesus Christ we are not to envision ourselves as celebrities, or icons who are entitled to all the benefits of heaven while still living on earth. We are instead to look at ourselves as sheep lead to the slaughter. We are killed all the day long. We are called living sacrifices, not living celebrities.

Will we be fodder for Satan to chew up and spit out, or will we fight the good fight of faith until the Lord returns or takes us in death?

The Pastor
April 2009