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The Bible and the Boomers

A recent article said that the tide of Baby Boomers is about to take over the landscape of this nation. Those of us born between 1946 and 1964 are currently retiring and others will be retiring in the next twenty years. The tide is already coming in with those who have retired who no longer work that forty or sixty hour a week job. They are now available and willing to contribute to society in different ways. Many are Christians and they now have time to contribute their energy and resources, both life experience and time, to local churches. Some have been in their church for years, but now they have more time to help. Some may want to play a bigger part in their church. The generation of the sixties, being an action generation; a generation which pushed for changes and equality want to see more social interaction between the church and society. Some of the Baby Boomers have not been to church very much and they do not know what to expect. Some may not even know the structure of a New Testament church. They are used to being in charge and many feel their life experience alone is all that is needed to help out the church.

For many “ministry must fit their interest, need, and sense of fulfillment.” This quote taken from an article in the January 07 edition of the Baptist Bulletin is somewhat disturbing in that we all have something to offer as servants of the Lord and yet none of us can expect to bully God or others to get what we want. You simply cannot push “your serving” over on others. The Holy Spirit must be the One who inspires us to do the work of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit uses the Sword of the Word,[Eph.6:17] to wield His way in the Church. Talent and experience are wonderful, but they are no substitute for the soul saturated with biblical understanding and genuine humility.

Many churches are preparing for this surge of citizens by creating new programs to spark the interest of the “Boomers”. Church programs may be fine in themselves if they are Christ centered. If these programs are in support of the word of God, and are not simply an outlet to change society in an attempt to bring in the kingdom of God, then they can be wonderful.

Here is where churches can either succeed or fail in this endeavor.

A church outreach program based on theology that interprets the Scripture of things to come, eschatology, from an amillennial viewpoint will likely be loaded with social programs motivated to saving this world from destruction. However, a theology that interprets Scripture of things to come from a pre-tribulation / pre-millennial viewpoint should motivate Christian service in reaching souls for Christ, and seeking more opportunities to get saints in the church for Bible classes. The latter program will focus on saving the passengers of the sinking ship and teaching them the Word rather than the former program that focuses on saving the ship. The latter is more concerned with rescuing the inhabitants of the world, than restoring the habitation of the world.

If the Baby Boomer should have little to no interest in “growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ” II Pet.3:18, then either they are not born-again, or as a believer they are viewing the world from a world viewpoint rather than a Word viewpoint. Our viewpoint incites our response and our interaction with the people around us. If our viewpoint is skewed then so will our activity be skewed. We can only respond to our world and its needs biblically when we have learned the word of God. Believers of all ages need to be in church and with human maturity combined with spiritual maturity the Baby Boomers can be a wonderful asset to any local church. But it must be the word of God that attracts the Baby Boomers to the church, and not tailor made programs.

The Pastor
April 2007