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Apostasy Defined

Apostate Characteristics - Part 3

II Tim.3:4-5

Please remember that in all of the negative aspects of the apostate believer the bigger picture involves powers and principalities. Eph.6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” II Cor.10:3-4 read...

Satan would want us to list all of these apostate characteristics and then react with hatred toward those who commit these sins. We must always remember we many have been guilty ourselves and if not yet we still are capable of doing these things.

v.4 Traitors - prodotai. To betray. This believer gives to you words and actions of trust wherein you confide in them. You count on them and then as Judas, also infamously called “the traitor”, they do something that catches you off guard, Lk.6:16; I Cor.11:23.

They betray you. A selfish inconsiderate callous heart thinks little of betrayal.

Benedict Arnold betrayed America in 1780. He had served the American Revolution as an officer and had contributed to a few important military campaigns, but several factors lead to his betrayal of America and his desire to return to British favor. He married and fell into a high class lifestyle that nearly broke him. Desperate, he began a 16 month treasonable correspondence with the British commander in chief, Sir Henry Clinton. As commandant of West Point, Arnold agreed in 1780 to surrender the fort to the enemy in return for a royal commission and a large sum of money. He was court-martialed for incorrect military procedures, and he became jealous over junior grade officers being promoted ahead of him. Covetousness and pride and greed lead him to take an offer from the British to receive a Royal British commission and a large sum of money. The plot was foiled and Arnold fled to take refuge with the British. As a British officer he came back to America and lead several military raids in his previous community. He raided former neighbors who had befriended him during his earlier years. He burned more than 150 buildings and his troops massacred American militia at Fort Griswold, near New London, Conn. Upon returning to England in 1781 and loosing the war he spent the rest of his life enduring the scorn of being a traitor.

heady - properties. head strong not considering the consequences.

high-minded [perf. passive part.]- tetuphomenoi, puffed up. To be inflated with a sense of ones own intellect and importance, so much so that they wrap themselves in a cloud of smoke. They are so amazed at their own alleged genius that common sense is missing. The fog of self-exalting superiority in which they live keeps them out of touch with the ones they hurt. Many distorted believers cannot be convinced that they still need to grow in the word of God. A blind spot is formed on the soul and insensitivity to others is evident.

lovers of pleasures more than loves of God - fond of pleasure more than fond of God.

phile/donoi; pleasure comes from hdonhj , pleasure and gratification. James 4:3 translates this word, lusts.

When the believer becomes negative toward Bible doctrine the emptiness he or she feels inside must be filled with something. Eph.4:17 says these believers walk in the vanity; the vacuum of their minds.

They want entertainment instead of thought. One author has rightly observed that the “church of today which so often seems to feel the need to “compete” with the world in order to gain a following, needs to beware. It is easy for entertainment, which may have a God-honoring goal, to degenerate into mere pleasure.” Homer Kent, Pastor Epistles p.284

Many do not want to change, but they want to feel good about their lives.

They want God to like them and be good to them, but they do not like God telling them how to live, so they avoid the truth. Believers who avoid the truth are carnal, and believers who know better, but have turned aside from the truth are even more, they are apostates.

Please remember that in the absence of truth lives a lie. Every one of us can lie to ourselves.

Truth turns darkened souls to the light. We can deceive ourselves until we die if we want, but we are never excused for lying to ourselves.

v.5 Apostates have a form of godliness, a shell or outward appearance of being pious, but they deny [perfect middle participle of arneomai]. They do not participate [middle voice] in the power of it; [their lives tell they do not believe what they proclaim]. You see, if I believe in the power of God then I will believe in his word and participate in its power to change me from the inside out. The apostate, backsliding believer, wants folks to think they are spiritual, but their lives expose a different story. Paul said to turn away [ present middle imperative from apotrepo] a command to turn from such believers. They show an outward form signifying compliance to godliness, but in practice they are impersonators. Yes some in the church are lost, and they try to act saved, but some are saved, are they are the most disingenuous. Accepting the truth of God’s word will bring about change in these erring believer’s lives, but unless they repent they will be without excuse at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

The notion that I can stand before the Lord and say, “I didn’t know” is a lie. The truth that we didn’t want to know the word of God and its demands on us is the reality we refused to accept.

King David said in Ps.26:2 “Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; test my heart and my mind.” How can the Lord do this apart from the believer hearing the preaching and teaching of God’s word?. Ps.139:23-24 “ Search, me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

The Pastor
March 2014