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The Impact of Your Life

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”

This example of sacrifice is given to us by our Lord in John 12:24. Jesus Christ prophesied of the many souls that would be saved through his death and resurrection. He, like a grain of wheat that fell into the ground, died, that we might have everlasting life. His sacrifice for sin was his mission in life and he fulfilled it. What is your mission in life? And will sacrifice have to be made on your part to succeed in your mission.

For the believer, sacrifice is a part of life as per Rom.12:1. We are living sacrifices called to give service to God. If we are willing to sacrifice the time to learn of Christ we will find the will of God for our lives. We are told in Eph.5:16; Col.4:5, to redeem the time. This phrase means to purchase opportunities to learn of Christ. If we waste that time pretending to want to know Christ while at the same time planning our own futures without his word and wisdom then we will not find the will of God for our lives. Not knowing the will of God is like traveling through life without directions. But if we learn God’s word we will start to see God’s point of view. This will change our mindset, our character, and give clear direction to our lives. Seeing God’s point of view puts new goals into focus for the positive believer. We have to be sold out on this truth, otherwise our lives will be fruitless for the glory of God and the world will always set the tone for our goals. As we are remade in the image of Christ we will find the temporal things of this life to be less interesting and less coveted. We may possess temporal things, but they do not possess us and they do not impede our advance to spiritual maturity. If, at the end of our lives, we want to be able to look back on our Christian life, will we be able to say, “I have had a fruitful life for the Lord.” Will my greatest treasures be ahead of me, or will I be leaving them behind? If we want our greatest treasures awaiting us in heaven we will have to come to grips with our Lord’s words in John’s text. Are we willing to die to self? Are we willing to give of ourselves to his working in our heart and life? If the answer is yes then we are going to experience the presence of God like we’ve never thought before. Paul found out that to live the Christ life, is gain, Phil.1:21. He counted all things as loss when compared to the glory and satisfying life he could have here and in heaven, Phil.3:7-14. Paul understood John 12:24 very clearly. Searching out the kind of riches found in Christ Jesus is not the same kind of riches some preachers promote today as they get rich convincing people that Christianity offers earthly treasures, however, the riches found in Christ are quite different. His riches are found beneath the temporal surface, Col.2:2-3. They are riches you find only when you allow the word of God to increase in your heart. All of this activity goes on beneath the surface of your life. It goes on anonymously as Bible doctrine lights up the soil of your soul where fresh thoughts motivate fruit for the Lord. Hyper church activity is above the surface and is mostly a demonstration of the flesh, but the maturing process necessary to produce spiritual fruit is hidden until God is ready to bring it forth into the light. Fruitful lives are the product of what God can do with sacrificing believers, not self-serving believers. Most Christian sacrificing is oblivious to the one who is dying to the world. The grain of wheat, though very small and alone, when buried in the earth springs up into a tall plant which bears much grain. Will you die to Christ that there may be much fruit from your life? This must be asked of all of us who call ourselves children of God.

The Pastor
March 2008