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Occupy Until I Come

As faithful believers in Jesus Christ we look forward to our Lord’s return as promised. We have no doubt that he will keep his word. We prepare our hearts for his glory during the mean time. We must not become complacent during the wait, and we must not become complicit with our surroundings. We have been left to safe guard his word and to keep its message fresh, and keep it before the world. He has not called us to a life of ease, or to a life of idleness. We are not called to laziness, or to date setting for our Lord’s return. We are called to occupy until our Lord’s return as per one of our Lord’s parables found in Lk.19:11-26. Our Lord is seen as the nobleman who left his country and fellowmen who had rejected him. He left his servants with the responsibility of investing what He had given to them, with the promise that when He did return he would reward them accordingly. Some of His servants were faithful with what they had, and one was not. The principle being taught is that we serve at our Lord’s bidding, and for faithful service he promises reward.

The word occupy, peripateo, means to take care of the business; to walk the walk. The Father and Jesus Christ designed and ordained that this business should be conducted by way of his Church. The world will not take care of the Lord’s business which is saving souls and edifying those saved saints in bringing them to spiritual maturity. This calling and this business belongs to every one of us who calls ourselves a Christian. No furloughs are given until we are either with the Lord, or the enemy is under his authority.

We all know the Bible frowns on physical slothfulness, but do we know the Bible frowns on spiritual slothfulness just as much? Peter tells us to gird up the loins of our minds to mental and spiritual sobriety, I Pet.1:13. Paul tells the pastors to speak the things that become sound doctrine, Titus 2:1. He tells the pastors to study to show themselves approved unto God, workmen that need not to be ashamed as they rightly cut the word of God straight. Pastors are to be straight shooters of the word of God. They are to preach the word diligently in season, and out of season; that is, preach the word at all times whether it is convenient to be heard or not.

From the Book of Hebrews 10:22-25 we see the believer is told to draw near to God with a true heart in full assurance of the faith, and to hold fast the profession of our faith, and to consider one another to provoke to good works. And last of all to not forsake the assembling together for worship as some do. In order to occupy; that is, to do the Lord’s business in this life it is incumbent that we learn to think the way he shows us from the Bible.

We can be so distracted from doing the Lord’s work by doing man’s good works that we find ourselves occupied with our own efforts instead of the Lord’s. As an example, when the boss where you work is out of the office you still have a job to do. The boss expects you to keep up the work you have been instructed to perform during his or her absence. You cannot allow someone to come into your place of business and change every thing you have been employed to do. Your instructions are specific, and you are not supposed to improvise new strategies and plans.

We must learn to think according to God’s divine logic for he has already seen the paths that men will take to avoid his will. He has seen the end of time and the end results of belief as well as the end results of unbelief. Let us continue to occupy according to our Lord’s instructions as found in his word. When he returns we will be rewarded if we have been faithful to his divine plan.

The Pastor
February 2011