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Slowing Down to Learn

We live in a time when many tasks are expected to be done simultaneously. Technological advancements have made it possible to do many things at once. Young folks are notorious for watching TV, while texting a friend; listening to music on a head set, and doing Internet research for school at the same time.

Multi-tasking is practically required of and by the younger generation of professionals and school professors. In the future, if not now, our children and grandchildren will be expected to process a tremendous amount of information with little to no time to think through their subjects. Without thorough investigation of these subjects it will be easy to brainwash them into a society of mindless puppets. Without practicing inductive and deductive methods of thinking our society will be filled with minds ready to be molded by the media and the talking heads who stand in front of college and university classrooms. Our young people need to learn how to process information and filter that information through a conscience of high morals and sound biblical doctrines before they leave home.

Our young people have many important decisions which they will have to make very soon in life. Satan and his minion of demons are working non stop to subvert the truth our children have been taught. Much of the time children are out of our sight and are under the influence of others, many which are bad. They must be introduced to critical thinking early. They must learn how to process the type of input that messes with their morals and values. They must learn the principle of sowing what they reap. They must grow up faster than we did because the influences to direct their lives down a reckless path are larger than ever. When they are propositioned to act in some peer pressured way they must ask themselves, “how will this turn out for me”? If no good can come of this proposition which involves their future and their well-being, and ruin results from this proposition, then our young people need to say no. And I don’t have to tell you they will have to say no thousands of times. Prov.1:7-32 speaks to the young person and what becomes of them when peer pressure is greater than the will to say no.

The less analytical thinking our young folks do they greater the risk they take in becoming someone’s puppet.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He said his truth will set us free. If his truth is instilled in our minds it will caution us of impending danger. It will set us apart from the mass of humanity that follows the opinions of others.

I have said quite a bit concerning our young people, but much needs to be said about adults. Have we bought into the ideas that others put in our minds such as; if something is new, I must have it, after all, we do not want to get behind every one else; or do I have to look like I’m twenty years or more younger than I am?

The most important aspect of our lives is not in keeping up with every one else. It is in keeping up with ourselves. We can get lost in keeping up with others and forget our unique place in this world and God’s will for our life. We all need to take a step back and evaluate the paths we are on. We need to say to ourselves, “Am I on the path God wants me on?” Have I been mentally sleeping at the wheel while others have been driving my life; telling me what it takes to be happy? As the pastor of this church I have an obligation to Jesus Christ to present sound theological preaching. I have an obligation to expound on the Scriptures so you will have a biblical sounding board for your thinking. There is no short cut to spiritual maturity and no believer is exempt from failing the grace of God, (loosing God’s favor due to negative volition to Bible doctrine).

We know Prov.23:7a says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This proverb demonstrates the dishonesty of the unrighteous man who says, “eat, drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.” We learn from this proverb not to believe everything we hear. So it is incumbent upon us to think correctly before others ruin our thinking and habits. Correct thinking as a Christian demands accurate teaching from God’s word. Because of this I must not pick and choose only certain areas of the Bible to teach since all Scripture is given for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, II Tim.3:16. I will take the time to exposit the Scriptures. Will you take the time to come and learn what God has for you? You will have to slow down and discipline yourselves to think so others won’t be doing your thinking for you. Let God’s word be the main frame of reference you go to for thought. Slowing down is necessary if we plan on taking in life the way God planned it. Please do not allow a busy life to steal attention from the things that support your life. When we loose our support of God, family and church as Christians, what is left for us, but the world? Think about what steals away time from these essential Christian elements.

As We Look Forward

The ability to draw members to our church relies on three solid values; the grace of God, sound Bible teaching, and positive volition. We rely on God’s grace in order to function as an effective New Testament local church. Nothing we do for God is of ourselves. Just as we are dependent on Jesus Christ for salvation and eternal life, so are we dependent on his Word in being our inspiration. We praise God for his many grace blessings.

Secondly we must offer sound Bible teaching. If we are to find God’s purpose for our lives we must know God, and only a foundation of solid doctrinal teaching affords us this knowledge. Our strength as a local church must be vertical; that is, it is dependent upon the power of God. This power is sustained by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Word. Our power as a church is not sustained by programs, interesting ventures or slick marketing, many of which are designed to get disinterested, disgruntled, and disingenuous people to church. The power is in the word of God. If God’s word is not the draw, then what are we drawing people to? And lastly the value of a person’s positive volition to the word of God is essential to the building of an effective local church; from the unbeliever’s positive volition to the gospel, to the believer’s positive volition toward Bible doctrine. Positive volition means we are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the word of God and do what it says. The momentum potential found in a believer’s positive volition is unlimited because, as Paul said, we can do all things through Christ Jesus, our Lord. The potential for understanding divine truth; having peace of mind, and a driven sense of purpose in life runs the motor of the positive believer. This believer desires the company of Christ as he bask in Christ’s light. He does not covet attention from anyone, but Christ.

Unless the Lord raptures the body of Christ this year, or our nation is captured and believers are imprisoned as rebels, we will conclude the book of Revelation, II Timothy, and other studies. I look forward to all the truth that we will be exposed to in the Bible this year. I am excited to go into my study and learn the word of God, and then to have the privilege to stand before you and teach it. I trust you will be on positive volition. That you will not let your life become filled up with things that distract you from a wonderful, powerful relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Pastor
February 2008