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A World Without Christ

History is divided by A.D which is the abbreviation of anno Domini, ‘the year of our Lord’.

Yet atheists refer to the date they publish their poisonous unbelief by giving the year of our Lord as the year of their writings.

With only three years of public ministry Jesus Christ’ impact resounds around the world. Lives are forever changed for good for those who come to know our Lord as Savior. Families are restored and nations are made whole. Hospitals and orphanages, schools of higher learning, and charities to care for those no one else would give a second glance are established and funded. These and more were inspired by men and women who trusted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Adolph Hitler despised Christianity and called it, “the poison with which Jews and Christians have spoiled and soiled the free wonderful instincts of man.”

Look at Hitler’s contribution to mankind. Stalin and Mao’s contributions as atheist are well documented as they killed tens of millions of innocent Jews and Christians as well as their own people.

It is a fact that Jesus Christ lifted up the value of human life to a level no one had done or has since done. His influence on the heart strings is unfathomable. This love of Christ prompts men and women all over the world to do for others what cannot be explained.

The immoral spiraling downward of our society cannot stand the absolute moral standards our Lord left us through His life and teachings.

If you want to see who despises Christianity and its relevance to our nation take a look at their devotion to helping others. Take a look at their sacrificial giving to the less fortunate. Giving is found to be highest among professing Christians than non-professing Christians.

A recent survey found that states like Utah and Alabama and Mississippi all end up very high on the list of charitable states. These are states that have a high population of church going people

States where there is more of a secular mindset, less church going people, particularly in New England and all along the coast, tended to show up significantly lower on the charitable giving list.

It appears from this survey that certain regions of our nation, which are less charitable by wealth per capita, who are less inclined to church going, spurn Christianity and those who follow its faith. Where Christ is spurned and kept out, hearts are turned more inward that outward. It is not so much that people do not mind the charitable efforts of Christianity, but the Christ of Christianity. To think that one man could say, I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father, but by me” is too much for many to swallow. Yet they will swallow a multitude of alternative humanistic beliefs.

And then there is the issue of women’s equality in the world. Jesus Christ makes all equal, Gal.3:26-28. Nations where Christ is kept out, either by religions, or by politics demean the role of women in society, and some even promote the abuse of women lower than that of animals.

Children are also near and dear to the heart of Christ. From Mt.19:13-15 we see our Lord’s disciples saw children as a nuisance. They came to be prayed over by our Lord and the disciples rebuked them for bothering the Savior. But our Lord rebuked the disciples saying, these little children represent the kingdom of God; do not forbid them to come to me.

Standards of living are poorer where Christ’ influence is missing. We see a world today that has horrid places for children to grow up. India, Burma, China, North Korea are the worst examples.

The treatment of children and women of destitute circumstances is thousands of times better in the world today, at least in most places, than it was before the spreading of the gospel of Christ.

Child sacrifices were common among the Moabites and worshippers of Baal. The Pharaoh in Moses’ day sought to kill all the boys of the Jews to slow down the population of the Jews, Ex.1:8-22.

Herod had an untold number of children, two years of age and under, slaughtered when he heard the king of the Jews was born in Bethlehem, Matt.2:16.

Romans and Greeks thought of children as property. If a father wanted to abandon a new baby and leave it to the elements to die he could, and he could kill it if he saw fit. There was no penalty for doing so.

But this changed in the Roman Empire when Emperors were influenced by the teachings and followers of Christ. Laws were changed to protect children and they outlawed the abandonment and killing of children, Constantine, 280-337 A.D., and Justinian 483-565 A.D.

In short human life is prized where Christ has touched the lives of civilizations where the conscience of God has a pulse. Quite the opposite is true where Christ is absent.

If Jesus Christ is pushed out of American society eventually the hearts of future generations will see no relevance to his teachings much less his forgiveness of sins. They will see hope as only possible through the efforts of mankind. Let us keep Christ alive in our hearts and our actions, and let us point men and women, boys and girls to him.

He loves each and every one with a dying love.

The Pastor
January 2013