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Uprooting The Seeds of National Apostasy

As believers in Jesus Christ we must study to know how to “rightly divide the word of truth” as per II Tim.2:15. We must learn and apply the word so we may judge the thinking and actions of the world in which we live. People and organizations, both religious and political, use select quotations from the Bible to justify actions of change. These select biblical quotations solicit a huge following of biblically illiterate folks; folks who know little of the clear Old Testament, New Testament, and Millennial dispensation divisions of the Bible. Many of these folks mean well, but they are misguided. Unfortunately Satan will try to interject the misuse of Scripture to set forth his cosmic agendas that circumvent the plan of God for this age, Matt.4:3-9.

To put this introduction into our present day context I would like for us to take a look at where our nation is headed. Are we being guided in our actions as a nation by God, or by Satan’s cosmic system of covert and overt antagonism toward the plan of God?

We hear so much today about social justice; of righting the wrongs in society; of fighting poverty and hunger. At first we think we should all stand up and say, “Amen, and what can I do to help?”

But when we see the teachings of Jesus Christ being used to justify taking from one group of citizens to give to another group of citizens, and we see the constitution of the United States trampled under foot in the name of equality for all, we have to take a time-out and examine the motivations of those who cry out for this change.

This grass roots movement of enforced equality is growing in government and in churches today. It is being instilled into our children’s minds by many churches and by government sponsored educational programs. Government calls this a part of being a progressive nation where there must be shared responsibility, even redistribution of wealth. Apostate churches call this movement the gospel of liberation theology.

But where is this all leading? How can this enforced equality and man made societal justice be brought to pass?

This social evolutionary shift in thinking is being pressed on each one of us. The setting up of a movement to overtake free enterprise and free speech and religious freedom is being sown one seed at a time.

The First Seed is the breakdown of the home and the traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Dividing and conquering the biblical roles in the home is crucial to implementing the new order envisioned by these new age social engineers. Bad government always wants more control at the family level. When the nuclear family, with the authority of father and mother over children is divided and conquered by bad government parental rights are absorbed into government control where the government is free to indoctrinate the children with non-biblical propaganda. Nothing good can come of this. How long will it be before the will of the people is corralled to such great proportions that the mass of Americans will be ready to adopt a new constitution? And if so, what kind of outbreak of resistance will come from the minority of American traditionalist?

When enough of our population is deprogrammed from the fundamental principles of God first, as found in the Bible, then those who are indoctrinated with the notion that government must fix everything will elect leaders who reflect that same mind set.

Yes it is true the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord as noted in Prov.21:1, but this verse also means the Lord can turn the king’s heart either way. Historically God has allowed wicked kings to rule as well as wicked modern day politicians to rule in order to allow the mass of people to suffer for their own negative volition to the plan of God.

Sometimes we have to suffer from our own foolish thinking in order to learn to put our trust in God, not ourselves.

When the leaders of this nation who are ready for this societal change are in place then military muscle will be used to enforce the new agenda.

Free will will then be a liability to the welfare of ones neighbor. Each citizen will be called upon to sacrifice for the benefit of the other for the cause of national unity. When enough of our population are convinced that wealthy people are evil and that the government must punish them to make them poorer through excessive taxation then everyone will suffer. When those who have worked hard in a personal business to build it up, and those who have striven to get an education to better themselves and their homes and families are disincentivised from getting ahead and making more money, then jobs will become scarce and poverty will spread like a thick fog. Charities depending on these monies will go under. Suffering will increase exponentially. At that point, the government which has been installed by the poorer envious population will run out of enough taxable income to redistribute to those who envy the wealthy. Anarchy then will swell like a tsunami and the military will have to take over to police the nation. You see, people lose the incentive to do for themselves when the government says we will do it for you. The working class of will get tired of working hard when they see others who could work, get what they need practically for free from the government.

The Second Seed is our religious freedom. When religious freedom is undermined in the name of national unity gathering for worship as we know it will be illegal. The state will hire and say who speaks to the citizens even in places of worship. There will be no separation of church and state. When our national leader tells the world he will work to take down those walls that separate Christianity from other religions he is simply echoing the age old call of Nimrod to build a world order of central worship such as seen in the Tower of Babel as found in Gen.10:8-10; 11:3-4. God condemned these folks for their effort to make a man made religion.

The National Council of Churches uses Matt.25:44-45 as its scriptural motto and basis for its international agenda of good works. “Then shall they also answer him, saying Lord, when saw we thee hungry, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee; Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as he did it not to one of the least of these, he did it not to me.”

Even though the text at first glance seems to call on all of God’s people to uplift the downtrodden; to scream for international justice and to alleviate poverty and suffering all over the world, the biblical context has to do with those who give aid to the martyrs of the great tribulation period following the rapture of the church. Helping others is a natural Christian duty that does not require nor call for governmental intervention, or the church inventing a gospel that does not save the soul; a church of works that seeks unity where God calls for separation.

Socialism, that great enterprise of mankind, which speaks of goodness and equality for all, will tear down the walls that separate religious beliefs where no man can call God who God is unless the state approves it. This certainly plays into the biblical prophecy of the revival of the old Roman Empire as seen in Dan.9.

Once God is deemed useless and man is considered the provider of all that is fair and common then God will be outlawed and the secular doctrines of communism will envelope the nation like a thick dark cloud. Only God’s judgment will stem this tide of national disintegration. Let’s be a voice for God’s program for the ages, not man’s program.

The Pastor
January 2009