Faith Baptist Church
4258 Botetourt Road
Fincastle, Virginia 24090
(540) 473-2325

About Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist church which was formed in 1959. We have been at our current address since 1960. We are members of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches; a group of autonomous Baptist churches, fundamental in doctrine, with a rich conservative history.

We are a self-governing body with constitutional by-laws and articles voted upon for the welfare and preservation of both the honor of God and the perpetuation of His Word and work.

Faith Baptist opens its doors to all those desiring a fulfilling Christian life. The believer looking for a church home will be amazed at how much they can grow at a place where study of the Scriptures becomes both challenging and rewarding for understanding God. Our greatest ministry offers in-depth Bible study by way of expository preaching and teaching. The detailed opening up of the meaning of Scriptural texts gives wonderful insight into the fullness of God’s Word. We know that with greater insight comes a fuller understanding and peace.
With these two components the believer becomes at rest with God and as a result we can hear the voice of God above all the clamor of the world. That to do the will of God requires thought above emotion. With greater insight we are more prepared to understand our own challenges and help to meet the needs of those around us. With sound teaching and preaching we are more prepared to fend off the apostasy [spiritual falling away from God] that permeates our homes, churches and society.

Faith Baptist seeks to maintain it’s identity with the definition of a New Testament body of believers. We seek to preserve our identity with our heavenly calling while maintaining our effectiveness in reaching others for the Lord. We are traditional by practice in that we try to keep our service simple with standard hymns and expository preaching. We do not subscribe to marketing and Madison Avenue techniques for getting people into our church. We believe if people are here for the right reason then God is pleased.

We do not believe all means justify their ends. We believe what you win people with is what you win them to. We are here to serve the spiritual needs of all. We are here to edify the saints and provide salvation information to those seeking an eternal relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

We simply offer an honest approach to Christianity. If you want the Word you will find it here in every service. If you are a believer with a desire to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ you will get a solid biblical point of view here.

We believe our music, both the lyrics and the rhythm, must compliment biblical revelation and it should not give a mixed message to anyone. We do not seek the world’s beat to praise God. We believe music which energizes the flesh above the mind is not of God. That music should be a help for preparing the believer’s mind to focus on Jesus Christ, not the musician or those who sing.

Also, we do not practice high pressure tactics on our members or visitors. Your privacy will be respected so you can worship the Lord without distraction.

Following the divine mandate that all believers be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, Rom.8:29, is a tall order to fill. This requires a maximum amount of Bible teaching along with much prayer and reflection. Apart from this focus we believe we have failed God in worshipping and serving him acceptably.

If you are looking for a friendly place to learn God’s word and worship Him in faith and service as a Gospel witness and faithful ambassador of heaven, then you will find it here at Faith Baptist Church, Fincastle, Virginia. Your privacy will be protected and your presence will be welcomed.

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