Faith Baptist Church
4258 Botetourt Road
Fincastle, Virginia 24090
(540) 473-2325

A Brief History of Faith Baptist Church

The work, which is Faith Baptist Church, is credited first to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Christian pioneers who began this work in Dec. 5, 1958 with Rev. Ronald Young and 38 original members still goes on. The history of our beginnings lay in the hearts of those who sought a better form of worship with an eye of bringing men, women and children to Christ and to build up those men, women and children for His service. On Feb.1,1959 this church, which was initially called Faith Baptist Mission, called a meeting to organize and form the church.

The church first met for services at the North Fork Union Church building and then soon in a small block building owned by Mr. Huiet Barger. Mr. Barger’s home was used for Sunday School classes, along with his building which was used for church services until the purchase of our present property was secured. A plan to have a church established between Fincastle and Eagle Rock was agreed upon by the members. A building program began and after construction, of what is our present day two story educational wing, the congregation moved in on Jan.1, 1960.

The dedication service for Faith Baptist Church was held on May 22,1960. The church went through the typical ups and downs all new churches go through, but all in all souls were saved and saints were edified. Rev. Young and those early pioneers of Faith Baptist Church gave all they had to serve the Lord.

Rev. Allen Smith of Alabama became the pastor on Mar.22, 1964. Rev. Smith served as pastor until Dec.1969. During Rev. Smith’s pastorate our present sanctuary was built. In July 1966 ground was broken to begin construction and in 1967 the members moved into their new worship sanctuary.

Dr. Richard Frampton was called and installed as pastor in Jan.1970. He faithfully served as pastor for 34 years. Most of us know Dr. Frampton and his wife Joyce better than Rev. Young and Rev. Smith. The expository teaching ministry of Pastor Frampton set the tone for years of ministry to come. Methodologies and traditions, though not totally ignored, took their place behind doctrinal teaching and preaching. Faith Baptist Church became a lighthouse for saints looking for more in-depth Bible teaching. Even though the expository style of preaching, peppered with relevant original Greek text insights has not always appealed to the general body of believers, it has always brought great satisfaction to those studious believers seeking a deeper relationship with God. Dr. Frampton ministered the word through his pulpit ministry, radio, Bible and Seminary classroom, cassette ministry and many home Bible studies.

In June 2004 he retired due to medical problems associated with injuries sustained as a young man while serving in the Marine Corps.

Dr. John Reynolds, a member of the church for 27 years was called and ordained to pastor the church on June 20, 2004. Pastor Reynolds continues the tradition of honoring the Bible above all else as God’s answer to all of man’s problems. All things will continue as they have through the years; that is, of thanking the Lord for his grace and his mercy for sustaining each pastor and member to whom he was called to serve.

Of significant note, Maxine Rogers, along with our homebound members, J.W. and Martha Zell, are the only members who began with this church and still remain faithful today.

The challenges are still great today, but the Lord who is with us is greater than the challenges that lie before us. Phil.3:20-21 “Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”