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Eternal Rewards Study Principles

Study Summary Points

A limited number of free audio tapes of this 17 lesson study are available. To receive a copy, call or write to Dr. John W. Reynolds, Pastor. Request tape series CS-1.

1. The imputations of blessings in eternity are directly linked to the believers advancement to spiritual maturity in time, Isa.53:12.


2. Blessings in time and eternity are always judged according to our motivations and God’s divine justice, not God’s love, I Cor.3:12-16.


3. We do not offer bribes to motivate people to hear God’s word or do works for God as they will be seen as dead works at the Bema Seat, I Cor.3:12-16, Heb.4:12.


4. Jesus Christ will judge the believer’s works, Jn.5:22.


5. No believer in Heaven will receive their rewards until after the rapture of the Church, Rom.14:11; I Thess.4:13-17.


6. Undeserved suffering in time potentially accelerates the believer’s spiritual momentum, Rom.8:18; II Tim.2:12.


7. At death the believer instantly goes into the presence of the Lord, II Cor.5:6-8; Phil.2:21-22.


8. The Judgment Seat of Christ is not for the believer’s sin, II Cor.5:21.


9. Bible doctrine, not feelings, becomes the filter that sorts out our Christian service, Prov.23:7; Phil.2:5; I Cor.2:16; I Cor.3:12-13; Heb.4:12.


10. The big question at the Judgment Seat of Christ will be, “what predominated your thoughts and practice in life?” James 1:25.


11. The most dangerous thing you can do as a believer is stall your own growth in Bible doctrine, Heb.5:11-14, 10:31-38.


12. It is upon divine truth that all blessings lie, Matt.6:31-33.


13. No one will answer for you at the Judgment Seat of Christ, Rom.14:12.


14. Jesus Christ will accept no excuses for our failure to learn and apply Bible doctrine at the Bema Seat, Ps.19:12-14; Mark 4:22; Heb.13:17.


15. Part of being a spiritually mature believer is that you not only take responsibility for your decisions, but you choose to make the right decisions, Ps.119:9,11; Matt.5:6.


16. What God accomplishes in the life of the believer is far more important to God than what the believer accomplishes for God, I Sam.15:22; James 4:8-11; I Pet.5:6-7.


17. Blessings at the Judgment Seat of Christ are all personal blessings given based on the believer’s spiritual efficiency report taken from their life in time, I Cor.3:11-13.


18. Imputed righteousness is a positional fixed condition of the saint’s eternal life. Yet this righteousness becomes more radiant in the believer’s life when the believer dials into the Word of God. The results are conclusive, he more accurately reflects the thoughts of God, Rom.12:1; I Pet.1:15-16.


19. All human good will be destroyed at the Bema Seat Judgment, I Cor.3:15.


20. Striving for the crowns is useless if we try to play according to our own rules, II Tim.2:5.


21. Jesus Christ will reward thought as well as deed, Matt.6:1-4; Eph.6:7-8.


22. In undeserved suffering for Christ we identify with the character of Christ, one of service and humility, not opalescence and pride, Phil.3:10; II Tim.2:12; I Pet.2:19-21.


23. The Wreath of Righteousness is awarded to the believer who reaches and maintains his spiritual maturity in time, II Tim.4:7-8.


24. Believers who serve only as long as Christianity is convenient to their wishes do not qualify for any Wreaths, II Tim.2:5.


25. The believer must develop virtue type love, [ agape] to sustain them before they can qualify for any Wreaths, II Tim.4:8; James 1:12.


26. Virtue love for God is acquired through Bible doctrine inhaled and processed in the memory center for application to life experience, I Jn.2:5.


27. The Wreath of Life is awarded to the believer who endures undeserved suffering in quest to greater grace status, James 1:12.


28. The ultimate in worship of God is to absorb into our minds the thinking of God. The highest compliment paid to God is to imitate the thinking of God, Phil.2:5.


29. Your blessing in life and eternity as a believer never relate to your personality, education, or who you know, but to what you let God make of you in Christ Jesus, Rom.8:29. This is the will of God for you.


30. The Wreath of Glory is awarded to the pastor-teacher who consistently provides the type of biblical teaching that affords believers the opportunity to reach spiritual maturity, and for those who reach greater grace status beyond maturity, they will share in the blessings of this wreath, I Pet.5:4; Phil.4:1; I Thess.2:19-20.


31. The believer who unabashly opposes his pastor-teacher or bad mouths him will have to answer for it at the Judgment Seat of Christ, Heb.13:7,17.


32. Ignorance of Bible doctrine will not be excusable at the Judgment Seat of Christ especially those who live in a client nation such as the United States of America.


33. The Bible uses the dedication and training of the professional Olympic athlete to compare to the needed dedication and training necessary to qualify to serve God, I Cor.9:24-27; II Tim.2:5.


34. The local church is the class room where the saint is to receive his training in the things of God. No scriptural lesson is to be ignored, Eph.4:12-16; Heb.10:25.


35. The believer cannot afford to let people, or circumstances distract him from his mission of reaching spiritual maturity and glorifying God, II Tim.4:7.


The storing up of eternal blessings is the real nest egg saints should be concentrating upon. Too often we place so much emphasis on this world’s comforts that we forsake God’s plan for our lives. Too often we look for something other than sound Bible teaching when we attend a local church. We look for what’s in it for me, instead of what does God want to do with my life. We do not realize that until God’s word conforms us to the likeness of Jesus Christ that we are not reflecting his glory here on earth. The more God our Father sees Christ in us the more his Son will have to bestow to us on that day when we stand before him. The blessings are there for us to keep or lose.

When making life choices now we cannot afford to overlook how our choices now will affect our glorification of God forever. Let’s be responsible. Let’s not let charlatans lead us astray from the word of God by substituting God’s word with entertainment and simple emotionalism week after week. II Tim.4:3 “For the time will come when they [believers] will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts [selfish desires] shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears [tickling the ears of their hearers]”

Many saints today are forsaking the local church and are setting up their own systems for glorifying God. God has ordained the local church as the dispenser of divine truth and as the ordained authority for carrying out the Gospel truth and his teachings for spiritual edification. Those who play according to their own rules are playing out of bounds and they will not be rewarded. God designed the system and the Bible is very clear about this.

II Tim.2:5 “ And if a man strive for the masteries [crown] yet he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully,[according to the rules.]

Lay hold of the salvation you possess and fall into line with the rest of God’s troops. Do not be the one who misses God’s formation when he calls you to your weekly training, Heb.10:25.